Which Gutters Look Best on a Modern Home?


Whether you are renovating an old home, or are building one from scratch, your thoughts might turn to a rain gutter install. The folk at Global Gutter Systems say the choice of gutters you go for can either complement or detract from the style of your home. It is therefore important to consider the material and style of gutter that you choosebecause there are a number of different options to choose from.

What Styles are Available?

K-style gutters,or Ogee gutters as they are also known, is one of the most popular styles for gutters.Theylook very similar to crown molding. K-style gutters look well on most homes, including modern homes. The flat-back design allows them to sit flush against the fascia board, eliminating the need for brackets and providing a seamless finish. Available in a variety of materials such as steel, copper, and aluminum, K-style gutters can be designed to improve the appearance of a home.

One thing to bear in mind though is that the design of these gutters makes them harder to clean than other designs. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for rainwater to remain in the gutters, which can lead to corrosion (depending on the type of material used).

Many people choose fascia gutters for their modern homes because they are built in to the fascia boards and blend in under the roofline. This type of gutter system is more expensive than other styles because it is made to measure and must be fitted by a professional installer.

Although more commonly used on commercial properties, box-style gutters are growing in popularity for the modern home because they offer an industrial look. Additionally, box gutters are wider and deeper than other types of gutter and therefore hold more water. The straight edged style is becoming very popular in self-builds, especially among those who want their homes to stand out.

You might be familiar with half-round gutters as these were the standard style for homes built before 1960. They work very well on traditional styles and are commonly found on historic buildings. They are not usually chosen for the modern home.

Which Material to Choose

There are numerous materials that gutters can be made from, with budget and preference often being the two deciding factors. For example, if you have a timber-built home, you might prefer the gutters to also be made from wood. Wood gutters can be more expensive however and they do need more maintenance than gutters made from other materials.

Aluminum is a top choice for gutters because it is lightweight yet strong. Gutters made from aluminum are affordable and can last for around twenty years when cared for. The biggest downside to aluminum over other metals is that because it is lightweight, there is a higher chance of them bending or cracking.

Zinc gutters are perfect for the modern home because of their self-sealing patina,which will prevent damage from falling debris. With a lifespan of many decades, these rust-free gutters are an excellent choice.

For durable yet decorative gutters, galvanized steel is ideal. This can be painted in a color of your choice that will either blend in with the rest of the house or provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast. Strong and hardy, galvanized steel gutters are perfect for climates where heavy rainfall occurs regularly. One thing to remember howeveris that steel gutters must be professional installed.


When choosing gutters for a modern home, there are a variety of styles as well as materials to choose from. Professional installation is recommended to ensure the gutters are fitted correctly and look great.

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