A swift guide to choosing commercial kitchen floors


Having the right type of commercial kitchen flooring is not just vital to ensure the health and safety of your overall employees and customers; it can even heavily impact your bottom line. Before you pick a solution, it is absolutely important to know the options that are available; the prime three being resin flooring, that of ceramic tiles, and even commercial vinyl flooring. You can choose the right type of commercial kitchen floor coverings and ensure that your space is healthy, safe and stylish.

The point is, you can speak with the experts and they would remove your kitchen flooring and get the space for the perfect type of flooring. In this way, your kitchen is going to beam, stay fresh and absolutely safe for everyone.


Well, hardwood flooring combines warmth and beauty, and is absolutely comfortable underfoot. It is actually a good choice if you have an open floor plan and wish to have a single kind of flooring that extends or stretches beyond your kitchen. You know hardwood blends durability with low-maintenance. Properly finished hardwood flooring simply resists moisture from occasional splashes, but spills must be wiped up right away.


The luxury type of vinyl hardwood-look flooring is hundred percent waterproof and features an attached cork underlayment that is actually naturally resistant to door-triggering mold and that of mildew. It was blended to be a softer, warmer and that of quieter floor that actually makes it a great fit for this huge gathering space.  You know vinyl or resilient flooring gets you a variety of styles and colours in either tiles or that of sheets for those on a budget.

Sheet vinyl flooring is somewhat waterproof and stain-proof, plus it is absolutely a snap to clean up spills and splashes. It is available in a massive array of colours and that of styles, from plain jane to that of embossed vinyl that does a great job mimicking ceramic tile and even stone. Standard sheets are twelve -feet wide so seams are quite minimal.

Porcelain tile

The contrast between the slate-finished porcelain floor tiles and that of white frameless cabinets forms a clean look in this present or contemporary kitchen. The gleam of the kitchen flooring makes such a space feel posh as well as polished.

For durability as well as good looks, porcelain kitchen tile flooring is definitely the champ. It’s kind of an upgraded version of regular ceramic tile because of a proper manufacturing process that makes it harder and less absorbent: a great choice for kitchens where spills are probable.

Porcelain tiles are available either glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles come with that of a glass-like coating that can be formed up in any colour. Unglazed porcelain tile owns the naturally earthy shade of the clays used to make them. Some porcelain kitchens that have flooring tiles are even certified to get slip-resistant by the authorities.


To sum up, talk to the professional kitchen flooring removal and remodelling services and let them transform your commercial kitchen. Not just the chefs in your space but everyone who enters would love it.

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