Farewell Can Be Heart-wrenching Make It Memorable Through These Gifts


Change of any kind is difficult to deal with, let alone parting ways with loved ones. Farewells are challenging, whether it is entering a new life bidding college friends adieu or changing profession leaving beloved colleagues behind. The emotional ties we build with others make it hard for us to bear the pain of separation.

Over time friends, classmates, and colleagues become family. The bonds become powerful. Saying goodbye to the familiar face is always heart-wrenching, but change is the only constant. Celebrate the beautiful time spent together because farewells are unannounced commitments to keep in touch and help to maintain the special bond forever.

Some Surprise Gifts for your Buddy

However, every end is a promise of a new beginning. That is why farewells are special in their way. Farewell is just another way of thanking the person for their service. The perfect farewell gift can make the day more special and memorable. A thoughtful gift provides the receiver encouragement and helps to bid goodbye on a happy note. In this digital age, the gift options are endless. Try out some of the gift ideas that are a perfect fit for the day:


As it is said, books are a man’s best friend. A book as a gift option is never old, and gifting a book can never go wrong. Especially for the bookworms, it is their best pal accompanying them on the darkest and gloomiest nights and the brightest of days. Books are formal, easy-going, and thoughtful gifts that will make the receiver feel special and appreciated.

Planners or journals:

Planners are the best way to get your sloppy coworker friend back on track. A working individual needs to be systematic and organized. This is undoubtedly a necessary gift.

Maintaining a journal is a good habit. Documenting daily life becomes a way of dealing with stress.

For some, doodling becomes a favorite pastime. Who knows, while scribbling on the pages of a journal, your friend might end up finding a new hobby!

Photo frames:

People may leave physically, but they carry beautiful memories with them to cherish for a lifetime. Gifts such as photo frames help to keep those happy moments alive in one’s memory forever. The wide variety of stylish photo frames also serves as a work of art. Show off the fascinating events, moments, and friendship in your new place with the stunning photo frame to enhance the beauty of the new environment.

A handmade card or scrapbook:

No gift is more precious than the one reflecting the creators’ efforts and emotions. Handmade cards with heartfelt messages are a great gift idea for a friend or a colleague who is very close to heart. The farewell gift is supposed to be a token of love and best wishes. What can be better than friends sharing their thoughts? It gives people an opportunity to go down memory lane and dig deeper into the roots. It makes the bond of friendship stronger.

Decorative accessories:

Whether it is a change of job or relocation, either way, accessories are ideal gifts. Personalized desk decorative items like customized calendars, clocks with pictures help bring familiarity to the new workplace.

Painting for home decoration, memory magnets, wall hangings, coffee mugs, showpieces is ideal for decorating the house. Who doesn’t love a well-organized and decently decorated home? Friends and colleagues are bound to love accessories as gift items.

Art for the artists:

Many hidden talents do not come to the forefront. Make the farewell gift more special by creating it with the help of friends. A handmade card, portrait, or any other craft is equally precious for your friend or colleague. A foodie can also be treated with a home-cooked dish. Chocolates and cakes are an integral part of the farewell.

Personalized gifts:

The best gift idea for that finicky and hard-to-please friend is a personalized gift. We spend considerable time with our friends and colleagues in educational institutions and offices. We learn their likes and dislikes. For people who are very particular with their preferences, it is best to give them something they love instead of experimenting. Gifts of all kinds are a gesture of love and appreciation. However, at the same time, they must also be beneficial for the receiver.

Final Takeaways

Well, farewells are heart-wrenching, no doubt. However, it’s a part of life that you can never miss. So, why not make it memorable not only for you but for your buddy. A present always will help your pal to remember you, no matter what the price is. Most significantly, it will bring a smile to their face. So, while buying the gift instead of your pocket, do look deep inside your heart. You will find the best gift for your buddy!

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