5 Locations to use Sticker Wallpaper that are simple and so so cute


Stickers are a great way to add some color and personality to any room. They can be used for kids’ rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and more. Sticker wallpaper has become a popular option for decorating bedrooms and play areas because it’s easy to install, inexpensive and looks great!

Here are five locations that you can use sticker wallpaper:

Living Room

If you’re reading this, you are probably bored of your dull living room walls. The living room is the perfect place to use sticker wallpaper and this is the perfect time to amp up the living room walls. You can buy sheets of stickers in different colors that will match your décor perfectly. You can also get sheets that have different patterns printed on them so you’ll have lots of options when it comes time to decorate your living room.

Users have a couple of living room wall stickers that they can purchase ranging from small flowers, pants and potted plans, framed pots and more. If you want some succulents on the wall, then take a look at the cactuses and other succulent wallpapers for a wild natural look in your living room. You can as well choose to try blooming branches wall stickers for your living room. For extremists, you can accompany these with butterflies and lovely flying birds.


Sticker wallpaper is ideal for kitchens because it adds color and interest without being too busy or distracting. You can get sticker wallpapers with geometric shapes or customized designs printed on them, or even just plain white stickers if you want something neutral. Either way, these sheets will look great on your kitchen walls!

All-White Kitchen has been a popular option for many years and it’s not getting off the streets soon. But sticker wallpapers can make your kitchen walls pop inspired by the gray and white palette or the blue and white options. There’s something for you, from bold graphic floral to the subtle neutral patterns. And if you are enchanted by the many options available in the market, take a thoughtful approach and the payoff will be a visual delight.


Sticker wallpaper is also great in bedrooms because it adds some color and life to otherwise drab rooms. You can find sticker wallpapers that match your bedding perfectly or floral wallpaper that will bring the natural vibe to the bedroom. It doesn’t matter whether you want to decorate adult’s bedroom or a child’s bedroom, there’s always something that will work for specific needs and preferences.

The users can choose between clouds designs, pastel colors, dots and bright colors for your bedroom walls. Most of the bedroom vinyl stickers are made using quality materials and strong adhesive to make them last longer. And should you think you want to upgrade the look with time, you can always checkout for customized bedroom stickers.

Nursery sticker wallpapers

The wall of a child’s bedroom, especially if it’s a boy’s room is the best places to try sticker wallpapers. Sticker wallpaper is the perfect way to add some fun, colorful touches to the nursery walls. Wallpapers have reemerged as a huge trend not just for their prices but even the designs, beauty and durability. Users are claiming more textures and patterns and the remerging nursery design. However, when you are considering nursery sticker wallpapers, you can go with a bold and a backdrop factor. Always go with the colors and patterns that interest the child and the ones that add personality to the space.

Office space

Most people usually think that the most crucial element in a workspace is the equipment, but besides those computers, desks and chairs, you need perfect office wallpapers for your walls. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to decorate a home office or your work station, you can choose birds, flowers and other specific elements. However, it is advisable to go with neutral colors for an office.

The above are the five most common locations where sticker wallpapers can work wonders. Besides these places, there are others such as the reception, bathrooms, walkways, garage and home library. Regardless, look for the sticker wallpapers that bring your personality and interest on the table.

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