What Is The Vinyl Floor In A Roll For The Kitchen?


It is the fastest and cheapest way to change the floor of your kitchen, following a few simple steps that we will give you below.

But before getting into the matter, take a look at all the available models that you can buy! There are even awe-inspiring and realistic floor murals on a roll.

What is Vinyl Flooring in Roll or Coil?

Rolled adhesive flooring is a type of vinyl flooring made of PVC with a certain thickness that is rolled up on a reel and can be purchased depending on the square meters needed to cover the room in our house want, such as the kitchen, the living room or bedroom. 

Vinyl Floor in Roll

We can find a good roll vinyl floor to replace the one we have in our kitchen for a reasonably low price. This type of adhesive flooring can be purchased from different surfaces or online stores like ours. Therefore, it is essential to know that we can work with the following brands or manufacturers:


  • The laminate flooring we recommend working with in these cases is economical, has a specific thickness to ensure its quality and has varied designs. This is where Amazon Prime gives us the speed of delivery, payment security, reliability in its items and peace of mind of returns in case of dissatisfaction. Some of the brands that we highlight here are Venilia, De’Carpet, Casa Pura, and VidaXL.
  • On the other hand, we find PVC flooring manufactured by large surfaces that, although they have a lot of variety and their price is competitive, they do not enjoy the same home service as fast as the last option. We can also find designs that have a higher price. These roll vinyl flooring manufacturers are brands such as Leroy Merlin, Ikea, Bricomart and Bricodepot, among others.
  • Never buy second-hand roll vinyl flooring: avoid purchasing this type of flooring on second-hand Wallapop or Milanuncios -style platforms since you may receive an item that is used or in poor condition and even defective because it has lost its adhesive glue to the flooring.

Roll Vinyl Flooring is Cheap!

This is the most important feature! The price of vinyl flooring in rolls is very affordable and therefore accessible to any family that wants to install it and give their kitchen a new look. We can find sintasol or vinyl flooring in coils from a price of €4/m² to €25 or €30/m².

With these prices, we can estimate that a medium-sized kitchen with around 6 square meters can cost us between €24 and €180, depending on the model we choose.

As you can see, it is not expensive to change the floor of our kitchen with this type of adhesive roll floor, which makes this feature a significant advantage over click or tile floors. 

Designs: Adhesive Vinyl Floor in Roll for Kitchen

As in the other types of PVC flooring for kitchens, we can find the same variety of designs and models framed in 3 aspects:

Mosaic style:

with this design, you can give your kitchen a vintage touch with different shapes and colours with geometric shapes.

Imitation Wood:

you can place adhesive sintasol that looks like parquet with a wide variety of tones and grains that imitate wood very realistically.

Marble or stone style:

as if it were a rocky floor, this type of vinyl floor perfectly imitates the ceramic or stoneware flooring often installed in homes. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of laying roll vinyl flooring for the kitchen?

Now we are going to list the pros and cons of laying PVC flooring in coil for our kitchen so that we know both its virtues and its defects: 

⊕ Advantages of Sintasol Roll

Economical price:

as we have seen previously, one of its best features and benefits is its low cost.

Easy installation:

this type of vinyl flooring is the fastest and easiest to install.

Variety of models: we can find endless models of floor rolls of all borders, colours and shapes.


Coil vinyl flooring is suitable for cleaning with water. Pass a damp mop to remove stains.


this type of rolled adhesive flooring is also used on many occasions to cover furniture and old countertops to give them a new look. Imagine that you can have the same tone on the floor and furniture in your kitchen.

⊗ Disadvantages of Sintasol Roll 

Insufficient thickness:

you will have to carefully observe the thickness of the adhesive floor before purchasing it to avoid breaking or marking quickly. This is an essential tip! 

Attenuates the irregularities of the base:

if we do not apply a levelling paste that leaves the previous floor of our kitchen completely level, in a short time, we will be able to see all the imperfections of the old pavement marked, showing unwanted roughness.

Installation of Vinyl Roll Floor

The placement of the sintasol in the roll for the kitchen is quite simple. You have to measure your kitchen to know its size in square meters and thus acquire the necessary amount of roll.

Subsequently, for the installation, you will need a cutter and a lot of patience to adhere it to the floor without bubbles or roughness. But I don’t want to explain it here in a few words!

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