Researching your smart home installer – why your choice matters


Looking for a smart home installer

If you’re into gadgetry and the latest smart technologies, a smart home is the ultimate dream. The Internet of Things (IoT) is now well established, and there’s a burgeoning market of smart appliances, meaning there are no limits to the possibilities within your home. But home automation isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, and amateur solutions can result in unsatisfactory outcomes, even if you’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment. Here’s why choosing a smart home specialist (as opposed to an amateur) is vital.

Why choose a specialist?

Unlike gas engineers and electricians, smart home installers are unregulated. If you’re not careful who you choose, you could end up employing a hobbyist to complete quite a complex job. If you’re looking for smart home installers in Kent, for example, be aware that you shouldn’t necessarily just choose the cheapest or first option you come across. Reputable home automation specialists have:

  • Accreditation from a national or international body such as CEDIA
  • Relationships with well-known partners such as Control4, Lutron or Artcoustic
  • A showroom where the possibilities of smart home automation are brought to life
  • A diverse portfolio and the ability to adapt to differing client needs
  • A professional, informative website that showcases their accreditations, previous work and more

Why hiring an amateur could cost you

Trained and accredited smart home installers have the expertise to meet your needs, whether you have a penthouse apartment or an eight-bedroom manor house. They will consider everything from your Wi-Fi connection to your home’s layout and make a clear plan to complete the job. Amateurs, on the other hand, may:

  • Install a system that can’t cope with any devices you wish to add in the future
  • Overlook certain risks, leaving your system vulnerable
  • Fail to upgrade your Wi-Fi, leaving you with slow devices or connection issues
  • Leave you without a comprehensive operating system, meaning you have to use multiple apps to control various elements of your smart home
  • Be unable to provide ongoing monitoring and support

Additional services provided by professionals

Creating a smart home is about more than simply getting the wiring sorted. When looking for that smart home specialist in Kent, you should consider the benefits of their expertise over and above installation. A professional often works with a range of partners and can recommend the best solutions for your home, whether that’s advising on speakers for a whole-home sound system or suggesting a suite of kitchen appliances that will meet your needs.

A specialist will also be able to offer ongoing support both on and off site and out of hours, carrying out preventative maintenance and minimising disruptions. They can provide remote maintenance, upgrading your system when necessary and ensuring it remains secure. This means you can use your technology with peace of mind long after installation.

If you’re searching for a smart home installer, be sure to check their website, read reviews, and attend a demonstration of their services before committing. It will save a lot of stress and even some money in the long-term.

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