Common Furnace Problems &Signs That your Furnace Needs Repair


A furnace plays a vital role in the home. However, the unit is prone to malfunctions, which may present in various ways. For instance, you may notice unusual sounds which can be scary. This doesn’t have to bother you; a professional furnace technician can fix the issue promptly.

Common furnace problems

1. Frayed blower belt

The blower belt is a motor component that powers the fan in your furnace. It may sometimes fray or break, leading to loud sounds coming from your furnace while on. To avoid this, replace the belt and have your fan will operate more effectively.

2. Cracked heat exchanger 

The heat exchanger keeps your furnace operating correctly by separating the hot flame from the air. Unfortunately, your heat exchanger could crack if you overheat your home or if you neglect to update your air filters regularly. Moreover, hire  furnace repair in Hillsboro  professionals to determine the problem.

3. Clogged or dirty filters 

One of the most frequent furnace issues is a clogged or filthy filter. Air cannot circulate well when there are obstructions and clogs. This makes the system work harder and frequently leads to subpar heating. Replace your filter once a month to guarantee optimal efficiency and proper operation of your furnace.

4. Mechanical wear and tear

Your furnace endures a significant amount of wear and tear over time. The many parts that make up a furnace can all fail if one of them stops functioning correctly. Mechanical wear and tear can result in several issues with your furnace, including overheating, ventilation issues, and more.

Signs that your furnace needs repair

Keeping your furnace in good condition is essential. However, your furnace might have some problems you cannot identify. For that reason, the vital signs below will tell your furnace needs repair.

  • Weird furnace smells

Furnace smells can be irritating when installed initially, but their odor should fade over time. However, it could be time to have the furnace serviced if you notice a persistent odor. Poor combustion could be the cause of solid exhaust odors. While you cannot smell carbon monoxide, you can smell a by-product of poor combustion called aldehydes.

  • Strange noises

If you notice irritating noises like punching, irregular hums, grunting or rattles, your furnace is faulty. If the noises don’t go away, contact a professional so that they can handle it. Almost all safe furnaces will keep a steady whirring sound, which is convenient in informing you that it’s working correctly.

  • Water leaks

You likely have a water leak if you see a puddle of water near your furnace, but don’t panic; if it’s fixed right away, it won’t be difficult. Condensation is most likely the cause of the water leak. The issue could be a break in the condensation line or a clogged condensation drain.


Your best option when unsure about the condition of your furnace is to seek help. You can learn about frequent furnace problems from the article above if you don’t know the exact issue. Additionally, you now have specific signals that will enable you to determine when a repair is necessary.

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