Malad East vsMalad West: Which is a Better Location to Call Home?


The Finance Capital of India, Mumbai has been a hotspot for real estate investment for a long time now. The ever increasing demand has helped the sector evolve to amazing heights in a very short span of time. One among those posh and demanding investment localities is Malad.

People are constantly in quest of finding the best flats in Malad for sale, but often get confused on whether to settle for Malad West or Malad East. So, to help you get rid of this confusion, this article gives you clarity on various factors, to help you come to a conclusive decision.

Understand the Various Investment-Specific Attributes of Malad East and Malad West

Malad is recorded as one of the fastest growing localities of the city, in terms of residential and commercial real estate, across the suburbs of Northern Mumbai. There have been consistent infrastructure developments around the site, which contributed to its steadily increasing property pricing trends.

But, why is there a confusion among people to choose between the Eastern and Western suburbs of Malad?

What does one have over the other? Let’s find out!

. Property Prices

The average property price in Malad West is around Rs. 17,500 per sq. ft. whereas forMalad East, it is around Rs. 16,500 per sq. ft. There isn’t much difference in terms of average pricing, which doesn’t much act as the differentiating factor for conflicting the investment decision.

. Rental Yields

Now, this is one of the major differentiating factors which confuses the people in terms of whether they should invest in buying 1 or 2 BHK flats in Malad West or East.

The average rental yield in Malad West is around Rs. 39,000 per month, whereas for Malad East, it is Rs. 54,000 per month. Investing in Malad East will lead the real estate investors to reap better rental yields than investing in Malad West.

People who want to secure their future in terms of earning a passive income through rental yields, should go with buying a property in Malad East over the Western suburb.

. Pricing Trends and ROI

Considering the pricing graph, properties in Malad East have seen a price appreciation of around 6.5% in the past year, whereas there hasn’t been any appreciation to the price of properties in Malad West. Instead, the average property price in Malad West has deteriorated in trends to some extent.

Now, this will give a better clarity to the potential homebuyers on which suburb of Malad will be a better choice for acquiring higher ROI in the future.

. Age of Properties

Malad West is considered a bit older than that of MaladEast. Around 50% of the properties in the Western suburb of Malad are around 5 to 10 years old, and the locality witnesses only around 10-15% of new constructions.

On the other hand, Malad East has more than 30% of new constructions, and around 40% of the properties in the area age less than 5-years. Now, this explains why the pricing trends are higher in case of properties in Malad East!

Remember, older properties with a strong foundation aren’t a bad deal for property buyers. In fact, the chances of getting a good deal at a nominal price is higher in such scenarios. But, every page has two sides! So, it is you who has to think deeper into the factors!

Final Verdict

These are a few of the differences that explain the potential difference between Malad East and Malad West. There are various factors that will contribute to your final decision. And these parameters will help you with it! Spend a good amount of time upon investing in flats in Malad for sale in Western or Eastern region.

And when you have finally decided, log into Blox, select your preferred location, enter your budget, choose the property type and click on ‘Search’. And that’s it! You will see a big list of relevant properties that match your search preferences. Select the ones you would like to explore better and book your site visit right away.

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