Chic Coffee Tables for A Well Decorated Space


Furnishing a living room can be work than meets the eye. In a well decorated space, each piece should be well thought out so that there aren’t too many statement pieces in one room.

Stand out pieces

Coffee tables are a key element to a living room. Commonly placed in the middle of a room, coffee tables are quite literally a centre piece and so should be treated as such.

Unique pieces, such as a wire coffee table, are sure to blow your guests away when they come into your living space. While there are endless styles of coffee tables to choose from, we’ve rounded up our favourites for you.

Best Coffee Tables

Marble tops add a luxurious look to any space. When set on top of a metal frame, a marble coffee table has a modern yet elegant look that is sure to leave an impression. While white marble is a classic, many great arrangements can be made from other colours too, such as jade green or even multicoloured.

Glass comes in second with its beauty lying in its simplicity. Glass tops look amazing in any shape with circular, square and rectangle coming in as crowd favourites. Look for a metallic base to pull off bohemian chic perfection.

Not only is a wood coffee table the classic, the breadth of shapes and sizes have no bounds. Think anywhere from a chunky low rise to a sleek teak, wooden designs can turn just about any space into a home.

Finally, wire coffee tables are sure to stand out. Offering an edge that only a wire table can provide, this design is crafted with functionality and comfort as a priority. However, you wouldn’t guess by looking at it as wire tables can blend in while remaining a key piece.

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