How to Plan a Living Room Layout


Whether you have moved into a new unfurnished property, or you just feel like a change, one of the most important interior design challenges to meet head-on is the living room layout. Your living room is one of the most visible areas of your house. Moreover, it is also the room where you can expect to spend most of your waking hours. Accordingly, a living room is the first impression for visitors and a place of comfort for you, rolled into one. 

Furthermore, purchasing furniture is only half the battle – you have to arrange it properly and execute the layout of the living room appropriately. In fact, the layout should be a primary – and not secondary – consideration when setting out to furnish your living room. You do not want to buy furniture that you either will not need or which will not fit the overall aesthetic. Similarly, you don’t want to end up with not enough furniture to furnish the room to perfection. 

What Are Your Priorities?

Another thing to consider is why you are actually furnishing your living room and deciding upon a layout. Realistically, there are two reasons you could be doing this, either for yourself or if you are selling your home and getting it ready for viewings. In this latter case, first impressions are – naturally – the one thing you should be most concerned about. The chances are that the new owners will have different preferences for the room after you have left. Accordingly, you should decide upon a layout with the broadest possible appeal in mind. 

CityHome Collective – a real estate brokerage specializing in luxury homes and condos – advise that the help of a professional real estate broker is the best way to design your living room ahead of viewings. Intimate knowledge of current market trends is essential to make a property as appealing as possible and a real estate broker can certainly advise on how best to design a living room that will attract buyers. 

Tips for Laying Out Your Living Room

However, whether you are deciding upon a layout for yourself or ahead of viewing, there is a range of general tips and advice to follow. These are the bases to cover first:

Consider Doorway Positions 

Naturally, the position of the doorway in your living room is an essential consideration when settling on a layout. Movement paths should always skirt around the seating areas and not through them – and the doorway will decide this. Of course, you should also avoid blocking an opening door in any way.

Consider the Sources of Light 

In practice, this means your interior lighting and the natural light coming from windows. Mark the positions of your lighting and the windows before designing a layout. This will allow you to make the best possible use of the light. 

Measure Everything Accurately 

A winning living room layout is only possible if you have a good idea of the size of everything you plan to include – as well as the dimensions of the room. Measure both accurately and have that data to hand before you begin. 

Consider the Shape of the Living Room 

Is it rectangular, square, something else? This will have a massive influence on the layout. For example, linear arrangements work well in rectangular rooms, whereas square rooms benefit from a circular central arrangement of furniture, away from the walls. 

By covering each of these bases and knowing why you are furnishing your living room, you can get the essential considerations out of the way. After that, you can allow your creativity to make its mark.

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