6 Modern Wall Painting Design Ideas


There are several options for wall painting designs that can instantly give a refreshing look to your home. The walls of your house should be designed with colours that reflect your personality and create a space that you can call your own. The paints you use on the walls of your home can tell a story and make you feel a certain way while you spend your leisure time in your home.

You can choose from different wall painting interior designs for home to give your home a complete makeover. Select the wall painting designs as per the mood you want to set for different spaces in your home. Here’s a look at 6 wall painting designs that you can select to give your home an enlivening effect.

Choose a Splash of Teal Colour in Interior Designs for Home

Teal colour can give a refreshing look to your walls while providing a sense of calm and newness to your home. Being light on the eyes, the teal colour is a perfect match for the walls of your living room and guest room. Use lighter shades of teal and pair them with white or cream colour shades to create a serene and soothing atmosphere.

Give a Regal Effect to Your Walls with Earthy Shades of Warm Neutrals

Choosing earthy shades of warm neutrals can give a rustic yet elegant look and feel to your walls. Warm neutrals can provide a sense of security and reliability while used in the right manner for your walls. You can choose from a range of warm neutral colours for your living room and pair it with lighter shades of home décor to create a contrast combination.

Wall Painting Designs with Pink and Purple Shades

You can create a quirky look for your walls with a sense of individuality by using shades of pink and purple paints. Selecting a shade from the palette of either pink or purple colour can create a creative mood in interior designs for the home. You can use pink or purple colour in a minimum amount to create a peculiar yet appealing look in your bedroom. Combining the pink or purple colour with a lighter shade can create the perfect design for your walls which will be good enough to make a statement.

Create an Energetic Mood with Shades of Orange and Yellow Colours

Use warm colours such as orange or yellow on your walls to create an enthusiastic mood in your home. Bright colours such as shades of orange or yellow can be used in the design of your living room or kitchen. The walls of your home will have a striking and lively appearance while creating an energetic mood for you to reside. You can create wonderful accent walls in your home with an equal amount of effect by using these shades of warm colour.

Use Different Wall Textures to Uplift Plain Wall Colours

Wall textures can add another dimension to your walls to make plain colours look more engrossing. There are several wall textures to choose from to create aesthetic wall designs for your homes. Select an appropriate wall texture while designing your walls and the ceiling to add a layer of depth along with the colours of your choice.

Select From a Variety of Stencils to Create Unique Designs

Stencils can help to create a recurring set of attractive designs on your walls for a unique and special effect. You can choose from a variety of stencil themes to create the desired look for your walls as per your mood board. You can use stencils to create a mesmerizing accent wall or a complete design to cover the wall of your living room or passageway.

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