4 Gutter Cleaning Tips for a Successful Home Improvement Project


Upgrading your home is a great way to raise its value. Common upgrades involve projects like painting, lighting updates, installing new furniture, and roofing repairs. When we talk of roofing, it is an essential part of your building and can pose various health and security hazards.

For instance, if your roof is leaky, this can cause mould on your ceiling and walls exposing your loved ones to ailments. And this is why gutter and eaves trough cleaning and repair is vital.

 Do I need a professional for gutter, eaves trough cleaning and repairs?

Multiple signs may indicate the need for gutter and eaves trough cleaning and repairs. These include leaks, cracks, peeling paint, mould on the walls and more. When you spot these signs, it’s best to consult a professional promptly.

The flooding and leaks may result from clogged eaves troughs due to build-up. While you can do this by yourself, you may not fully deal with the issue. For instance,  eavestrough repair in Oakville  involves multiple processes which alleviate debris, repairs cracks and worn out elements to avoid clogging and leaking in your eaves troughs and roof.

Here are gutter cleaning tips to consider:

1. Wear the right safety gear

You need proper safety attires for the task. Wear safety workman’s gloves; they don’t puncture easily and will ensure a good grip when cleaning. Eye protection is also crucial, and safety glasses will come in handy. They will guard your eyes and prevent dirt and other dangerous elements from entering or hurting your eyes. Moreover, wear rubber shoes; they have a good grip and minimize the likelihood of slips and falls.

2Practice ladder safety

 Ladder safety is vital when it comes to gutter and eaves trough repairs. Use a sturdy ladder and consider one with a small shelf. It allows you to hold a bucket that will collect the debris from the gutter. If working on a single-storey building, a four-legged ladder would be ideal.

But acquire an extension ladder for taller buildings. Avoid an orchard ladder since it features three support legs and can cause imbalances. For excellent results, place the ladder on a flat surface and have someone hold it for you.

3. Use a gutter scoop

The eaves trough repair Oakville team will tell you that having proper tools goes a long way. A gutter scoop is a must-have and will shovel leafy debris and other elements on the gutter. Use a plastic device it features a thin scooping edge making it easy to collect debris in all sizes. A metal scoop may not be an excellent choice for the task; it can scratch and damage the gutter seams.

4Clean the roof

 Rainwater will wash the roof and take back the debris to your gutters. Cleaning the roof avoids future clogging and will ensure an excellent water flow. Again, accumulated debris on your roof can cause water damming which can result in leaks over time.

Wrapping up

Maintaining cleanliness in your gutters isn’t an easy task. It requires different tools and proper cleaning equipment. Also, you risk damaging your gutters and roof if you lack the necessary expertise. Therefore, hire professionals with the right experience and tools and enjoy quality services.

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