Top 6 advantages of Low Foot beds


if you are thinking of giving a change of style to your children’s youth room but the amount of options in the market is overwhelming, today we want to help you by telling you the advantages of ottoman low foot beds.

They are one of the resources most used by families thanks to the multiple benefits that this system provides , although it is certainly not the only existing model. Both the trundle beds and the horizontal folding beds and their advantages can give you just what you need, the rest, a matter of taste!

Discover the advantages of Low Foots beds

To help you decide between the different ways of distributing your children’s youth bedroom , we are going to give you the 6 main advantages of trundle beds, in this way, we are sure that you will be able to make a decision according to your tastes and needs without forgetting those of your children.

1. They provide an extra bed

The first reason for putting a trundle bed is obvious, they provide you with an extra bed . This is good both for cases in which a relative has to stay to sleep and in which your child wants to invite a friend to sleep, something that depending on the age is very common.

In addition, it is one of the great advantages of trundle beds because, in addition to having that extra space to sleep, it will be hidden unless you need it. You can have a completely clear room but a comfortable and fully prepared bed in a matter of seconds , open and go to sleep!

2. They give you storage space

Another of the great benefits that a trundle bed gives you is that they give you extra storage space , something that is always necessary in any room. These models have additional drawers between the main bed and the extra bed.

These drawers can be used to store a multitude of things, from bedding, toys or street clothes, so they are going to be great to take advantage of the storage in the children’s or youth room.

3. You will take advantage of the space

If you add an extra bed, storage space and that this can be hidden, it results in a perfect combination to take advantage of the space, not only because of what it gives you in terms of functionality, but also because it allows you to have the central space of the room clear.

This is undoubtedly another of the advantages of the trundle beds because in this way your child can enjoy endless games in his room without anything preventing him , taking advantage of this space in which he will grow and live a thousand adventures and games .

4. They will accompany your child for years

Another of the great advantages of the trundle beds are the measurements of the mattresses they incorporate, which will be worth it from when it is very small until adolescence , although we know that there is a lot left for that.

You can use it from an early age, if necessary by putting a fall barrier to make sure, but then you will not need it and, as it grows, you will continue to enjoy your bed in a comfortable way. Measurements are generally 90 by 180 cm, or even 190 cm.

5. Wide variety of designs

The fifth of the benefits of trundle beds is that they are such a popular and widespread option that you can find a wide variety of children’s bedroom designs that incorporate them, being able to meet your aesthetic expectations without problem.

The bedroom set will give a compact, versatile and, obviously, youthful and suitable image for your children. If they accompany you to choose the bedroom we are sure that they will be able to contribute their bit and you will have a great time.

6. Value for money-durability

Finally, these models are very resistant and, as we have said before, they will be able to accompany your child to advanced stages of their growth, so if we add this to the price they have, it results in a perfect investment .

They are useful, inexpensive, versatile, add style as well as space and will last you for years ,do you think the advantages of trundle beds seem few? Surely not! Now you just have to find the model you like the most among the youth bedrooms in Madrid with and enjoy watching your children grow up in a space fully adapted to their needs.

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