Tips for a better and more beautiful lawn


A healthy lawn is essential in providing a cooling effect and air conditioning during the hot summer months. Have you passed by someone’s lawn and wished that yours was half as beautiful as theirs? Most of the times your lawn is unhealthy because some of the ways you are taking care of it is destructive. The lawn reacts back depending on the amount of water and ingredients the lawn is receiving. This is also dependent on the type of grass in your lawn, condition of the soil and mostly the area location. Below are some of the things to avoid and consider while taking care of your lawn.

1. Avoid over-watering during the dry-spell

Many people believe that by over-watering their lawns during the dry spell will help them withstand the heat and remain healthy. Instead of working towards ensuring that the blades of the lawn remain green it is better to help the roots of the grass to grow deeper into the ground. This is because the grass roots can remain healthy and withstand the heat during the months of the dry season. After the dry season is over the healthy roots can then sprout out and the blades can then grow. The amount for watering also depends on the type of soil in your location. Areas with sandy soils may require more water than areas with clay soils due to their drainage system. If you are unsure of how to water your lawn you can hire a lawn care Anchorage to help you.

2. Use a sharp blade for cutting your lawn.

For you to have a perfectly even and clean lawn, you must ensure that the blade you are using is sharp and balanced. A blunt blade will tear your grass and destroy the blades of your grass rather than evenly cut them making them turn yellow. A blunt blade will also leave ragged tears that weaken the plant that promote fungal growth and other grass diseases. To ensure that your blade is always sharp avoid cutting through any stones and balance your blade at least three times a year. If you do not know the right way to sharpen the blade you can get a professional to help you.

3. Avoid over-mowing

The longer your grass is the healthier it is as it helps prevent the winds from growing. Avoid scalping your grass too short while mowing as this will expose the soil to moss invasion and weaken the grass. If your lawn has moss invasion avoid taking out the moss as this will lead to spread of the pores to other unaffected grass rather use moss kill and rake it out after two or three weeks after it has dried and turned black. The grass height can vary depending on the season. During the first few months of the year you can cut the grass short approximately 2.5cm to make it easy to remove dead weeds and sunlight to reach the roots. During summer grow the grass to 5cm.


Proper fertilization provides the best defense for grass against weeds. When applying weed killer, you should be extremely careful to avoid killing your grass. It is essential to research killers fit for your grass and the type of weeds in your lawn.

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