Know How to Choose the Right Steel Door Design for Home


Amongst several plans that we make but only a few materialize while building a home, and often most of the plans do not come to life owing to their lack of practicality. Many of us only build our dream home once, so while we can change the paints and tiles but when it comes to things like doors these are seldom changed.

The doors of our homes have the power to help you set the correct impression at the first sight. Now naturally, since your doors will be exposed to extreme and changing weather along with external elements, it is essential to choose doors manufactured from sturdy and long-lasting high-quality materials. So, what is the key to finding perfect doors for your home?

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  • Consider the local weather

Even before purchasing doors, always consider the weather conditions of your area. Check if the doors will be constantly badgered by rains-winds or if the location receives too much sun etc. By doing so, you will shortlist the materials that offer better resistance to harsh weather, extreme temperatures, humidity and moisture. Now when it comes to steel door vs wood door, try deviating from the traditional wooden ones and go for steel doors. This helps avoid the risk of rainwater leaks and seepage.

  • Make security your priority

One of the most important features of doors is security. Look for doors made with materials that are not only sturdy but can also incorporate different materials to make them durable. Choosing durable materials like steel in comparison to wood or aluminium proves to be better. This is owing to the fact that steel doors can incorporate multi-lock systems, decorative grills and tempered glass without compromising on the safety aspects of the same.

  • Consider the cost of purchase & maintenance cost

While you have a list of requirements and designs in mind, it’s extremely important to keep the costs involved as well. Begin by looking at door designs and other add-ons like grills, tempered glass, textured glass etc, as per your budget. If your selected design is well above your budget, then look for alternate designs or cost-effective options of a similar design. For example, if you want tempered textured glass on your door, then look at PVC acrylic sheets. Next, you need to factor in the maintenance cost of your selected option. For example, if your door design has a rattan panel, then consider going for poly rattan for an easier clean up process.

Now that you know the basics of selecting a perfect set of doors for your home, one of the things that people forget to consider is the style of your home!

When it comes to choosing doors, there are two components you need to consider: do you only need an internal door, or do you also want an exterior door? As far as design goes, the doors come in single-leaf and double-leaf designs. Each of these doors can be equally ornate with beautiful designs, which along with serving the purpose of security, also add to the aesthetic appeal of your home by complementing its style.

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