How to Design a Wall Mural


A mural is a large picture directly affixed or painted into a wall or ceiling. The top mural techniques entail graffiti, marouflage, and fresco. Murals can be easily put into a room and are available in different types.

A standard Wall Mural can transform your home’s look from ordinary to extraordinary. An excellent mural is a joy to behold and is considered a significant investment. Murals have become popular today, and below, we discuss how to design one.

Prepare the Wall

It is advisable to confirm whether your walls are clean and smooth before you begin hanging the mural. The last thing homeowners would want is poking bumps when using stick-on murals. Consider removing flaking paint, cleaning the wall, and top off with a primer coat for the best results.

For printed murals, you are advised to apply the base color a day before to keep the wall prepared. A light color base works best with stick-on murals because some are made using a transparent material. Also, consider allowing the paint to dry for two weeks when sticking murals to freshly painted walls.

Be Bold

Murals are not only meant to create a picture or scene on your wall. These items are larger than life and will create an excellent impression without making an overstatement. These designs have a smaller palette than others, making it easy to make accessory choices.

It will also help to consider asymmetric patterns made using different colors and patterns.

Create a Mural Using a Sticker Set

Nobody wants to place their hard-earned mural behind a bed or sofa, even though an allover mural can determine your furniture placement. Kindly stick these decals to painted backgrounds to create a more flexible mural.

Remember, many murals can also be removed quickly whenever you change the scheme. This feature makes them perfect for kid’s rooms since typical base colors last for years if you replace the stickers often.

Paint a Simple Scene

It is advisable to paint your mural when on a budget. Many designs are available for trial, ranging from fluffy clouds to simple tree outlines. Homeowners must not be artistic to make fun mountain ranges.

Instead, they should opt for a one-color design or consider adding caps into contrasting shades. They can also add as much detail as they desire to enhance the appearance.

Include Accessories

Adding accessories is mainly beneficial for a child’s room and is an excellent way to include necessities like lighting and storage into the design. Consider adding a star or the sun, or make the tree branches disguise shelving.

Use Blackboard Paint

Blackboard paint is not exactly a mural, but it creates a canvas for your best creations. These boards were once black, but companies are manufacturing them in other colors. This board will enable you to take your mural to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Murals are great additions to your home’s space, and the above article has discussed how you can design them. Kindly reach out to us for more information.

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