Understanding the Cleaning Franchise


When it comes to the cleaning business, there is plenty of opportunities. The demand for commercial and residential cleaning services is growing remarkably. Owning a cleaning franchise is a great way to get one’s business up and running quickly without developing a new business model or service offering from scratch.

Benefits of Owning a Cleaning Franchise

Owning a cleaning franchise offers several benefits. First, one does not have to start from scratch. One can take advantage of existing brand recognition and customer base. Secondly, there is typically strong support from the franchisor and other franchise owners. This support includes access to training, marketing materials, and software. Third, one can scale and grow their business quickly.

What Types of Cleaning Franchises Are Available?

There are a variety of types of cleaning franchises that a potential business owner can consider.

Residential Cleaning Franchises

Residential cleaning franchises are typically centered around providing cleaning services for homes and other residential settings. Services typically offered by residential cleaning franchises include carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window washing, dusting, vacuuming, and other general household cleaning tasks.

The main advantage of a residential cleaning franchise E is that it allows the business owner to focus on the most lucrative types of clients, namely individuals and families. It can allow the business owner to charge higher rates for services and get creative in the types of services they offer. For example, some residential cleaning franchises provide specialized services such as pet care, childproofing, de-cluttering, and deep cleaning. Residential cleaning franchises also tend to require less overhead than a commercial cleaning franchise, as they generally don’t require the same level of staffing or the purchase of expensive equipment.

Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Commercial cleaning franchises provide services for businesses, such as offices, factories, warehouses, shopping centers, medical and dental facilities, and others. These franchises require greater overhead than residential cleaning as they generally require more staff and larger investments in equipment, such as vacuums, extractors, floor buffers, floor scrubbers, and industrial-sized cleaning supplies.

The main advantage of a commercial cleaning franchise is that there is a greater pool of potential clients. Since commercial cleaning jobs tend to be larger than residential jobs, there is more scope to increase profits. Additionally, there is often more flexibility when it comes to staffing, as a larger staff can handle multiple jobs simultaneously, and the franchisee can only be available sometimes to oversee the job. Finally, many commercial sites require specialized cleaning services that can be offered at a premium price.

Janitorial Services Franchises

Janitorial services franchises provide specialized services, including emptying trash cans, cleaning floors, wiping down surfaces, dusting, polishing, scrubbing, power washing, window cleaning, and maintaining facilities and equipment.

It can allow the franchisee to expand their services and charge a premium for specialized services. Additionally, janitorial services require less staff and less expensive equipment than commercial cleaning, allowing the franchisee to keep overhead costs to a minimum.

Carpet Cleaning Franchises

Carpet cleaning franchises provide for the cleaning and restoration of carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Services typically offered by these franchises include shampooing, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, stain removal, odor removal, and other specialty services.

The main advantage of a carpet cleaning franchise is that they allow the franchisee to focus on a specialized service, allowing greater potential profits. Additionally, most carpet cleaning services do not require a large staff or expensive equipment, which can help to keep overhead costs low.

Emergency Cleanup Franchises

Emergency cleanup franchises offer specialized services, such as water damage restoration, sewage cleanup, fire cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and hazardous waste removal. These types of franchises require technical personnel, equipment, and training to ensure high standards of services and safety.

The main advantage of emergency cleanup franchises is that they generally charge a premium for services, as they provide a valuable service for property owners in times of distress. Additionally, since most emergency cleanup jobs require specialized personnel and equipment, they tend to be more profitable than other cleaning franchises.

Window Cleaning Franchises

Window cleaning franchises provide services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Services typically offered include window washing, window tinting, gutter cleaning, power washing, and window screen repair.

The main advantage of window cleaning franchises is that they require relatively little investment in staffing and equipment, making them a cost-effective type of cleaning franchise. Additionally, these types of services are relatively quick to complete, allowing the franchisee to maximize the profitability of each job.

Maid Services Franchises

Maid services franchises offer various services, such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, floor sanitizing, window washing, laundry, and other general household cleaning tasks.

The main advantage of maid services franchises is that they require little overhead, as they can often be done with only one to two workers at a time. Additionally, these franchises can be quite profitable, as maid services tend to charge a premium.

What is the Process of Buying and Owning a Cleaning Franchise?

The first step in buying and owning a cleaning franchise is finding and selecting an established one. Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) are important to review as they provide the financial details associated with the franchise. It includes start-up costs, royalty fees, and information on the franchisor’s current performance and prospects.

The next step is to negotiate the terms of the agreement between one and the franchisor. Negotiation is critical to secure the best possible deal. Once the contract is in place, one is ready to work. It involves obtaining the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance. After that, it’s time to set up the business operations, hire employees, and market and advertise one’s business.

The Cost of a Cleaning Franchise?

The cost of owning a cleaning franchise varies depending on the franchise one selects. Generally, one can expect to pay a one-time franchise fee of approximately $30,000 to $40,000. This fee will typically cover the startup costs of launching one’s business, including training, materials, equipment, and marketing. Beyond the initial costs, one can expect to pay ongoing royalty fees. Typically these fees range from 3-12% and are taken as a percentage of one’s gross sales.


To succeed, ensuring one has a detailed business plan, stays organized, provides great customer service, and stays updated on industry trends is important. If one can do these things, one will succeed as a cleaning franchise owner.

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