Here’s how to calculate Rebar & Shed Required for your house construction


Reinforcement steel/reinforcing steel

or often called a rebar is a building material used to improve properties of concrete blocks. Rebars are the wires made of patterned steel, which improve adhesion, and are usually placed in a way to create a mesh. When it comes to trustable construction material for your home, your best companion is Tata Steel Aashiyana’s superior home building products. For the best steel rebars, consider getting the Tata Tiscon 550 SD.

This new generation of superbrand rebar makes sure that home builders get the most of everything.

More strength, more safety, more savings, more assurance, more convenience, more value and the added promise of being friendly to the environment.

Tata Tiscon rebars are India’s first GreenPro certified TMT steel bars. Another unique feature of this item is that they are earthquake resistant. Owing to its superior flexibility, this superbrand rebar offers earthquake resistance to structures.

If you are wondering how to purchase the correct quantity of rebars then, head over to Tata Steel Aashiyana. Their unique Rebar Estimator helps to determine how many rebars you need to create a reinforcement in a concrete slab as per your home design and how much it will cost you.

Moreover, it can estimate the dimensions of the grid that should be used. In order to find the right rebar for your home, it is essential to know what a rebar is, its purpose and a basic idea of how to use a rebar calculator. A professional for this job is ideal, to make sure everything is to the T.

Similarly, you can use a Shed Estimator— just choose a suitable home design, enter the dimensions of your house and you’ll have the approximate quantity and cost of the required materials.

Doesn’t this make the journey of home building easy? For building to handover assistance, while calculating the perfect rebar and shed for your dream home, head over to Tata Steel Aashiyana’s website. You can filter your choices and hire the best professionals, from architects and engineers to contractors — Tata Steel has got you covered!

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