Different Type Of Rug Styles


Rugs are made from wool or silk fibers and are woven by hand. Traditional rugs are often mistaken for genuine rugs. You can also find them in ovals and octagons.

Rugs are made from patterns that were inspired by colonial times and can be used with country, casual and traditional decors.

Custom Logo Rugs is economical and come in a variety of colors. Because of their durability, they are great for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. These rugs can also be used in garages and sun porches as transitional rugs. They can also be used as an outdoor rug, which is a smaller and more affordable option.

Kitchen rugs and bathroom rugs are two areas that are often forgotten when planning decor. These areas can be enhanced with a rug that is the right size. If you plan to use a rug in a space with wet floors, make sure to include rug anchors.

A neutral rug is the best choice if you are unsure about what style or color rug to choose. No matter the style, material, or pattern, neutral rugs will blend well into any room’s color scheme.

Your floors will be cleaner and safer with a doormat. It prevents dirt and debris from getting on your shoes, as well as guests. A well-placed rug can increase curb appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Rugs with animal prints

Animal Print Rugs feature an all-over or part of a pattern.

Border Rugs

Border Rugs have a design at the border or perimeter of the rug. You can also insert the border.

Chevron Rugs

Chevron Rugs are made up of V-shaped connected pieces that create a zigzag stripe pattern.

Coastal Rugs

Coastal Rugs include elements from the beach, ocean, or sea. These rugs can be waterproofed or are made for outdoor living.

Distressed Rugs

Distressed rugs appear worn, aged, and faded. Faux wear and tear might cause parts of the pattern to be missing.

Floral Rugs

Flower rugs can be patterned with elements or flowers.

Geometric Rugs

Geometric rugs feature patterns in geometric shapes. They are a great way to add color and variety to your decor.

High-Low Rugs

High-low Rugs or Sculpted Rugs use low pile and high pile yarns to create a design or pattern.

Cottage Rugs

Cottage Rugs have elements from the country, mountains, or woods. Cottage rugs are meant to make a space feel warm and cozy.

Medallion Rugs

Medallion Rugs have an overall design that looks like stamped shapes, whether they are organic or circular. You can choose to have the pattern symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Rugs with a unique design

These novelty rugs feature maps, clocks, and other imagery. Kids’ rugs include maps, cars, and dinosaurs. Sports rugs feature printed or woven icons, imagery, and sports logos.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs are hand-knotted, traditional Oriental rugs that include a variety of decorative borders, a field design, and possibly a central ornamental medallion.

Plaid Rugs

Plaid rugs have transparent perpendicular lines of different widths, which overlap to form squares.

Shag Rugs

Shag Rugs Displace long pile tufts yarn to create an overall texture.

Solid Rugs

This creates a fade effect. Although solid rugs may appear one color, they can have different tones from another color to give them a “weathered look”.

Striped Rugs

Striped rugs are characterized by striations or bands of different colors and textures.

Trellis Rugs

Trellis rugs show connected lines in uniform geometric shapes to create a lattice pattern.

Watercolor Rugs

Watercolor Rugs look like abstract brushstrokes and paint splotches.

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