Mid Century Furniture Ideas For Your Home or Office That You Will Love


Mid-century furniture ideas are what you need to give your home that classic feel while also making it unique to you and your style. While many people prefer newer styles and modern pieces, there’s something about the design choices of mid-century furniture that make them so appealing to so many people. If you’re one of those people or want to try something new, here are some tips on how to get the best mid-century furniture ideas that money can buy!

1. Mid-Century Danish Sideboard

The mid-century danish sideboard stands out in a world of bland, generic furniture pieces. While these sideboards can come in many shapes and styles, their defining feature is that they tend to be big and rectangular. They’re not very flashy—but they fit right in with your vintage Danish mid-century couch, loveseat, and chairs.

Mid Century Italian Sideboard by Faram from The Furniture Rooms is a solid investment piece that will go with any decorating scheme. It’s a large, flat cabinet with reversible center drawers for storage. It doesn’t have many shelves, but it does have four deep drawers on casters that are perfect for storing small items like pens and paper clips.

2. Mid-Century Chairs and Sofas

Swoon over modernism. If your style leans more contemporary, there’s no better place to look than mid-century modern furniture. Sleek, monochromatic, and minimalist, or sometimes just fun, the ’50s and ’60s furniture have rightfully earned its cult following among design lovers. The Danish Mid Century Teak Sofa by Ole Wancher from The Furniture Rooms is an excellent example of ’50s minimalism.

If you like curves and curvy lines, you’ll swoon over these Mid Century Dining Chairs by Hans Brattrud for Hove Mobler, Set of 4 from The Furniture Rooms. Whether your taste leans towards the ’50s industrial or ’60s mod, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to mid-century chairs and sofas furniture. There are plenty of pieces that mix elements from both eras.

3. Mid-Century Desks

Suppose you are looking for an executive desk with both style and functionality to store your most private documents. Look no further than an executive mid-century desk by Italian Vittorio Dassi’s from The Furniture Rooms with a built-in filing cabinet. The mid-century old art déco furniture design looks stylish whether you place it in your home office or use it as a meeting room table.

Plus, it is just as sturdy as it is beautiful. With either walnut or teak finishes, wood veneer, and sleek solid brass sabots on its legs, you can be sure that it’s stable and will last for years to come! Additionally, its minimalist design would work well in any home, office, or bedroom.

4. Mid-Century Tables

Choosing a mid century table for your home is more than just selecting a decor style. It’s about picking out a piece that you’ll be able to use and love for years to come. While choosing a look that reflects your personality and aesthetic can undoubtedly add flair to your living space, mid-century tables are also often built with materials that can withstand wear and tear over time, so they are perfect for everyday use. Hence, they are highly functional in many different settings, whether as part of a dining set or you can tuck into an entryway or living room.

Placing a set of French Modernist Nest Tables from The Furniture Rooms on your foyer or as a coffee table will evoke feelings of modernity and sophistication—ideal for those looking to market their homes to newer buyers. Mid-century nesting tables are also great in a professional setting because they add variety and create a dynamic space ideal for brainstorming or group work.


Mid-century furniture is easily one of the most popular interior design styles right now. From Danish Modern to French provincial, these timeless pieces have stood up to decades of trends and are sure to stand up for many more. If you’re looking for mid-century modern furniture ideas or want a walk down memory lane, then check out with The Furniture Rooms. It’s full of great ideas on how to style your space with vintage and mid-century furniture.

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