Your Cafe – Unlocking Doors to New Beginnings


Thinking about going for your start-up? Let’s have an easy go, begin your new chapter with setting up a cafe. A cafe is a comfort zone. After a hard-working schedule, when a person gets some time, the one thing that comes first in their mind is usually food and drinks. Looking for these, a person may seek a comfortable place, maybe with some soothing music and a relaxing chair – that’s when a cafe enters the picture. Also, a cafe is a great option for friends to hang around with each other.

Hence, a cafe is preferable by most people and is sometimes the first choice for having a relaxed meal with a soothing atmosphere.For setting up your Cafe, the most important thing is to create an ambience. So, things are to be remembered while decorating the Cafe.

  • The first and foremost thing should be choosing an appropriate location for your Cafe. If you can afford it, the best location for opening a cafe should be somewhere near bus routes on the main road. If any office or college is near then, that too is an advantage. However, suppose it is impossible to find such a location. In that case, a better idea is to at least set some signboards at the nearest main road showing the direction to your Cafe, so that when people are passing by the main road even if they do not find your Cafe just there they would be able to reach the Cafe following the direction.

If finding a location on the main road is not possible, and you seem to have to open your Cafe at any lane then, it is better to choose a location where no other cafe is there on the main road and people passing by getting no other choice than to reach your Cafe following direction from the main road. Though this is not necessary but is helpful.

  • Now, when customers knock at your Cafe, the windows or a portion of the wall of your Cafe must be entirely made of transparent glass so that the customer could see the ambience of the Cafe from outside.
  • After entering the Cafe the ambience should be comfortable enough and for that some special points need to be taken into consideration setting up the Cafe-
  1. The first thing is the room temperature of the Cafe. It should be cool yet comfortable. An Inverter split AC is the best option to keep the room cool enough for a long period. The size of the Cafe is a factor. Depending on that, you could accommodate more customers at a time. Generally, a space within 500 square ft. is well accommodating. Installing an AC with less fluctuation in voltage and effective, comfortable cooling is a basic requirement. A 1.5 ton split AC inverter will serve the purpose quite well.
  2. Next, the lighting. The Cafe should be decorated with lights that are not too bright but enough to have a meal. The orientation of the lighting prefers to be unique because that alters the look of the Cafe both inside and from outside.
  3. soft music running in the background is always a catch. Sometimes, live performances add up more delight to the ambience.
  4. Walls should be well decorated with pictures, paintings, or any other decorating materials. Plants as decors are an absolute choice.
  5. Last but not least, the food and beverages. The serving should be unique, the presentation should be well-balanced according to the cafe’s theme, and the quality should be commendable.

So, get started on your new venture. Your Cafe – your beginning.

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