What Type of Vacation Should I Take?


Every vacation begins long before you set off. Orat leastit should. Failing to prepare and plan for a vacation is a sure way to make it a stressful rather than a relaxing experience. You certainly don’t want to be caught out without the things you need, without the reservations made to put a roof over your head, and certainly not getting lost when on your way there.

All of this takes careful planning, but there is one question that all this planning always begins with – where should I go? Ormore fundamentally,what type of vacation should I take?

There are many considerations here, but you will usually be informed in your choice by two factors – what you want and what you need. You can see a vacation in one of two ways. Perhaps you really want to see New York and experienceBroadway.Or maybe what you needis some rest from a stressful joband should rather look into somethingat Hot Springs Village,a vacation home resort in Arkansas, and take things easy for a while?

In fact, the decision can actually be quite complicated. Furthermore, deciding what vacation is right for you – and the people you are going with – can sometimes be a bit of a challenge! Ah, the anxiety of choice!

Deciding on the Right Vacation

Perhaps the best way to decide upon the right vacation for you is to seriously consider what your priorities are. Another way is to look at the many different types of vacations there are; one is surely to strike a chord, as it were.

Vacation types can be pretty neatly split into categories. This is because they are usually marketed this way. “Looking for an X, then X is the place for you” is the basic marketing formula that travel agents use.

As most people don’t get many vacations a year, they want to come back refreshed and revived – or having made the experience that was always needed – so getting it right is therefore pretty important.

The Different Vacation Types

So, with all of that said, here follows some different vacation types. Sifting through these is almost certainly the best place to start:

International Vacation

This one is all about adventure – usually. For this to be a rewarding experience, you need to have a thirst for some new experiences, and a willingness to feel a little like a fish out of water.

Of course, there are international vacations to sunny beach resorts which are more about relaxation, but we are not talking about that here. We’re talking about seeing things, trying new food, and having an experience.

Beach Vacations

If a beach vacation is going to be right for you, then you’ll be resigning yourself to a beautiful location, with all your immediate needs metbutfew new things to see or do. This is one for relaxation.

Mountain/Nature Vacation

This vacation is refreshing and reviving, but not because you will be lying around. Expect breathtaking nature and an increase in your physical wellbeing.Expect also to break a sweat. When heading into nature, you will be revived by nature – but you will also experience its challenges.


A cruise is a bit of hybrid vacation, you will experience new places and peoplebut there is a strong relaxation element too. Expect convenience and luxury, but you will not be entirely sedate.

We have just scratched the surface of different vacation types here – there are many more. However, to say it again, you just need to find out what you really need, and then go look what is on offer.

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