What to Check When Buying an Older House


The question of “modern” in home design is a complex one when it comes to what type of homes sell the best and appreciate most in value. Generally speaking, modern is good on the property market, and one way for a home to stand out to potential byers is for it have a modern appeal of some sort. And if you are looking tobuy a home, you can be sure this factor will feature somewhere in your considerations.

However, it’s best to go into more detail about what is meant by modern appeal. This is not least because when looking to actually purchase an older property (and there are many good reasons to do that), you should still insist on certain modern elements.The alternative is buying a home that comes with a whole host of recurring problems.

With a modern property, it is obvious that the modern appeal is the entire home itself – the design, the amenities, and all the little things that make living easier. So much is obvious, but what is meant by modern appeal for older homes is a little more complicated.

What Should be Modern?

For those buying an older home, there are still somethings which you should insist are up to date. City Home Collective, a real estate brokerage and interior design firm out of Salt Lake City, Utah, say that it is always the more functional rooms – the bathrooms, the utility room and, above all, the kitchen – which perform best when they are modern.

Those looking for older properties are typically interested in the beautiful aesthetics of older homes, but they are decidedly not after antiquated plumbing, older kitchen appliances, or a bathroom without a shower.

To put it another way, it is precisely the functional things – the things that involve everyday tasks like cooking, dining, cleaning, and washing clothes/dishes – which should be made easier by modern technology. This is perhaps the most important thing for those looking at older properties to insist on. This is where you should go modern.

What to Check When buying an Older Home

This then is the modern technology and what you should insist upon for all properties. However, other things that might draw you to a house could be distinctly old-fashioned. This is the main appeal ofolder properties, of course.

If you are looking for an older property to buy, here are some further things to check. Older can very often mean more beautiful and exactly to your taste – but it always involves a few extra things to check before making an offer.

The Plumbing

As touched on above, substandard plumbing is something you should never accept. This is not only because it can involve serious extra expense on your part if you buy a home with substandard plumbing, but also because some older properties can have downright dangerous plumbing – with lead piping being the most well-known example here.

Hazardous Materials

The most notorious culprit here is asbestos, which is an example of something negative that continues to damage the appeal of older homes. It isn’t just asbestos, however. Older homes can also have a buildup of things like radon and the aforementioned lead. Always check what work needs to be done in this department.

Foundation Problems

Dry rot, corrosion, cracks, and even subsidence. These are all problems that can result from degraded foundations – something which is much more of an issue in older properties, for obvious reasons.

Older properties can be truly stunning, and they can offer much that no modern property can. Nevertheless, buying one does inevitably involve a few extra things to check up first.

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