What is Control4: A Complete Guide to High-End Smart Home Automation


What is Control4

Control4 has been leading the way in smart home integration since the early 2000s, long before the current craze took hold. Compatible with over 35,000 devices it helps to connect and control lighting, multi-room audio, heating and cooling systems, security platforms, window treatments, smart locks and more for the ultimate living experience.

Reputable Control4 dealers and smart home installers in Kent use this technology to create exciting spaces such as home movie theatres complete with perfect audio and projection. So, let’s take a look at Control4 in all its glory.

Control4: Controllers

Smart home technology is exciting, creative and designed to make your living environment as comfortable as possible. At the heart of all this brilliance is the Control4 controller which keeps the smart network in your home alive. It hooks up to any compatible technology through Zigbee or WiFi and can control things like smart lights, electric blinds and connected locks.

For streaming audio, you’ll need to upgrade to the EA-series of controllers. The number on each model correlates to the amount of streams the controller offers. So, EA-5 will offer five – and so on. This controller will allow you to integrate TV, digital media, set-top boxes and more.

If you’ve tens or even hundreds of connected devices, the CA-10 is the controller for you. It boasts four times the processing power and memory of the EA-5 and is designed for the most sophisticated setups.

Control4: User Interface

Specific Control4 remotes can control your audio and video feeds as well as connected systems such as lights, thermostats and security, but many people prefer to opt for the more sophisticated and intuitive touchscreen alternative. Available as a 7-inch or 10-inch model, this provides system control at your fingertips and can either be fixed on a wall or kept on a table. Such touchscreens can also be replicated on smart devices like a phone or tablet so you can literally take the Control4 interface with you wherever you go. Limitations do apply with this, however.

Another option you might prefer is keypads which wire into your regular light switches. These can be used to trigger Control4 Scenes. Scenes are smart home interactions that have been set to your preferences. A Good Morning Scene, for example, could turn on your favourite radio station, turn off the alarm, open the blinds, pop the kettle on and more.

Alexa integration is also available, as well as Google Assistant, but these can be a little more clunky to set up. Talk to a smart home specialist in Kent about the right option for you.

Control4: Compatibility

A host of smart devices and digital brands are compatible with Control4 including Philips Hue, Nest, Sonos, Apple TV, Yale, Netflix, Amazon Music, Lutron and more. Control4 also offers its own purpose-built products including audio and video solutions. From one-zone systems designed to sit under your TV to more powerful options that can provide seamless audio for the largest of properties, the options are plentiful.

Make the most of Control4 integration and enjoy a smart environment with impressive connectivity.

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