The Hazards a Leaking Roof Can Cause


Chances are, if you live in a place that receives a lot of rain, you might find yourself with a leaking roof. If you have seen water on your floor after the rain, or the ceiling is discolored or bulging, rain damage may be done. Now is the perfect time to think about roof repair.

Water that has seeped into the roof can cause quite a bit of damage to your home. Not only does it affect your roof, but your belongings could become ruined. Mold may start to grow, or the water damage might even lead up to fire damage. Your insulation can become ruined as well.

But do not despair. A leaking roof can be repaired. Still not convinced that your leaking roof needs to have roof repair? Let’s take a deeper look at the three scenarios listed above.

When a leaking roof is found, damage to your home has already started. The wood in your home will begin to deteriorate. As the frame of your home is made from wood, your house will become weak. Rain will continue to leak into the attic, pooling on the floor. The ceiling joists, rafters, wall frames, and other places will sustain water damage.

If your home does not have an attic, this damage will come right into your home. The ceilings may start to form dark spots. Over time, the spots will become larger. Cracks may begin to form, which will continue to grow as well. The ceiling may begin to bulge, or the crack may completely split open. Water can also drizzle down the walls, making them weaker.

As the rain begins to leak into the home, your floor will be affected. Over time, this can cause soft spots on the floor. If you feel like you are sinking in any place on your floor, this is already happening.

Another issue with a leaking roof is mold damage. Mold can be very hazardous to your health, along with anyone else in the home, including your pets. Many people assume that once an area dries out or it gets warmer, mold growth will be inhibited. This is simply not true. Mold does not care how hot or dry it is. Once it has begun to grow, it will continue until the issue has been properly fixed. Homes that have not been fixed have had mold grow up to their ceilings, into the HVAC system, and begin to affect the clothes you wear.

When people think of water leaking into the home, the last thing they think about has a fire. But if water is allowed into the attic, it can affect electrical wires that run up there. Generally, a harmless short occurs. But it could lead to a larger spark that causes a fire.

Insulation is another issue when it comes to leaks. As insulation gets wet, you will most likely see a hike in your energy bills. Over time, the insulation will begin to clump. As cool air rises to the attic, it will escape. Therefore, you will need to turn up the air so it is cooler in your home. And when this occurs, your electric bill will increase.

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