Staying Safe Around Wildlife in Florida


Florida is a state that attracts thousands of visitors every year, and many others have chosen to relocate to this fabulous destination. Before traveling to Florida, you should be aware of the variety of wildlife in this state and the behaviors that could help you to stay safe and interact with animals safely.

Here are some of the things you should know in order to stay safe around Florida wildlife in Parrish and elsewhere.

Stay Away from Them

In many cases, the safest thing you can do is simply stay away from Florida wildlife. Whether you have spotted a crocodile, snake, or dolphin, keeping your distance can maximize your chances of staying safe. It’s important to remember that these animals are wild and may not want to interact with humans. Trying to get the attention of Florida wildlife might not always end in a pleasant way. It is particularly important to stay away from baby animals and their parents, who will be more protective than ever during this time.

Don’t Feed the Animals

If you see Florida wildlife, avoid the temptation to try and feed them. You might think you’re being kind, but there are many reasons why feeding wild animals in Florida can be dangerous and risky. When people make a habit out of feeding wild animals, the wildlife will become more attracted to humans as a source of food. They will hunt less and gradually make their way closer to communities and people who are living in Florida. It can also be dangerous for the animals if they develop a taste for human food and begin searching for it in garbage bins and other risky locations.

Stay Quieter

Wild animals don’t often enjoy loud noises, high-pitched sounds, and other commotion. If you’ve come across Florida wildlife, keep a low profile and stay quieter. If you are with children, tell them to be quiet and avoid making loud noises. Similarly, you should also avoid making sudden movements or moving around a lot. Ensure children do not run or make drastic movements like flapping that could be taken as a sign by the animal of a potential attack.

Don’t Assume You Know What the Animal is Thinking

If an animal is coming close to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it wants to be your friend. The animal could see you as a threat and decide to move closer in order to attack you. In many cases, the animal is coming closer to see who you are, decide whether you are a threat, and make a judgment about what is best to do in the situation. Never assume you know what an animal is thinking, and exercise caution in all circumstances.

Be Careful Around Traffic

While living in Florida, you might see wildlife when you’re driving or walking along busy roads. Stopping to try and interact with Florida wildlife can be particularly dangerous in these areas where there are lots of cars, and the potential for an accident is higher. Approaching a wild animal while surrounded by traffic could result in an accident involving you or the animal, or both. The animal may become scared and run into the traffic or decide you are a threat and attack you in the middle of a busy road.

Staying Safe in Florida

Wherever you are, it is important to remember these top tips for staying safe around Florida wildlife. You might come across wild animals while visiting this state or while living in a vibrant community like North River Ranch in Parrish, and it’s essential to keep your distance and prioritize your own safety.

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