Swimming Pool Or Beach? Here Are 10 Reasons Why Owning A Pool Is Better Than The Beach!


Deciding between a swimming pool and beach as a better option is not easy. Both the options come with their own pros and cons. Beaches are fun and memorable for a lot of families. The swimming pool, on the other hand, is safer and can be super convenient at most times. This article will give you reasons why a swimming pool is better than going to the beach.

1. Clear of sand

The beach is full of sand, and while it is fun to hang around on the beach, sometimes you want to steer clear of the sand. Sand gets on everywhere and everything and you have a lot of cleaning to do after your visit to the beach.

If you own a swimming pool, you can avoid the messy aftermath of a sandy beach visit and the cleaning that follows. You can build and arrange your swimming pool area in a way that is free from sand or dust.

2. You don’t need a car

When you want to go swimming on a beach, you are compelled to make plans and arrange a car if you live far from the beach. Public transportation is not convenient because you’ll be carrying a lot of things, so taking a car becomes your only feasible option.

On the other hand, owning a swimming pool saves you a lot from this hassle. It can be right there in your house and you can dive in anytime and not worry about traveling anywhere.

3. You don’t need to pack things

When you are going to the beach, you need to pack things up and spend time getting ready. There is also the hassle of checking again to see if you have packed all the things that you need. On top of that, you have to make sure all your family members or friends are ready at the same time.

Having a swimming pool gives you the chance to dive in anytime. You are able to have fun without worrying about any needs because if you forget anything, you can always go back inside to take it.

4. You can swim without any time restrictions

Owning a swimming pool is super convenient because you can swim whenever you want, be it during the daytime or nighttime. You are free from any limitations, unlike the beach that has closing and opening hours.

5. You don’t need to worry about water or sea creatures

Going to the beach is fun and the view is breathtakingly beautiful but the water on the beach is massive and natural. The presence of waves, strong water current, and underwater sea creatures can be frightening. They are unpredictable and not always safe. Unlike the beach, swimming pools are safer and will take the worry off your shoulders.

6. Swimming pools are cleaner and more hygienic than the beach

Nobody likes to swim or dive into dirty water. Beach is a public place with natural water so there are high possibilities of dirt and waste accumulating underneath. All year round, dozens of people visit beaches, swim together, and litter the place. However, having a swimming pool in your backyard saves you from such problems. It is much cleaner because it has a drainage system where you can clean the pool and fill it in with clean water. You can even add chlorine into the water to keep the pool hygienic and clean.

7.  More privacy and less crowd

Beach is an open space with tons of people coming from all over the town or area. A lot of kids will be playing around and the sand on the beach will get on everything. But swimming in a backyard pool is always convenient and relaxing. You are in the comfort of your home and fewer people to deal with.

8. Easier to keep an eye on children

When you go to the beach with your kids, you have the huge responsibility of looking after them. There are many possible dangers that you need to be aware of. The beach is always crowded and it becomes a task to locate a particular person especially when people are running, playing, and walking around. You also need to keep in mind the dangers of water and look after your kids at all times when they are in the water. All these factors can sometimes be a nuisance and stop you from having a relaxing time on the beach.

However, a fibreglass melbourne pool can give you room to ease your mind and relax by the pool. Space is smaller and so the dangers are lesser, and it becomes easier to keep an eye on the children.

9. Less expenditure

Going to the beach can be expensive and can unexpectedly empty your wallets. With lots of food vendors and other amenities available at the beach, you are likely to spend more money. In addition to that, you will use up your car gas and spend extra time on the road.

All this can be cut down if you have a swimming pool on your property. You won’t feel the need to spend money on food when your kitchen is available. You won’t need to spend the whole day out to take a swim.

10. Restroom

Public restrooms are not comfortable and have many other reasons which keep people from using them.

Swimming by your pool is more convenient when it comes to nature calls. You are able to use your own bathroom anytime.

All these reasons do not mean that owning a swimming pool is easy. You have the responsibility of maintaining and taking care of it, to keep it clean and hygienic. Nonetheless, it is clear that swimming pools are much safer and more convenient than beaches.

If these reasons convince you enough then go ahead with the plan to build a swimming pool in your backyard. This will bring you joy and happiness during hot summer days and can also be an additional factor of relaxation for your family.

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