Nelson Partners – Reasons Why Student Housing Real Estate is an Amazing Asset Class


Student housing real estate developers enter into partnerships with properties owners to offer rental accommodation to college-goers who do not want to stay in dorms. These properties are located close to college and university campuses so students can walk to their classes. Compared to the other forms of real estate investments, student housing is now the next big trend in the USA and other parts of the globe, primarily for the reason that it is immune to economic downturn and recession.

Nelson Partners – An eminent name in the field of student housing in the USA

Nelson Partners Student Housing LLC is a real estate development company located in San Clemente in California. It focuses on the acquisition, development, investment, and property management of student housing units serving customers across the nation. It was founded by Patrick Nelson, a skilled professional with over 14 years of valuable experience in the industry.

This privately-owned company and its qualified team of experts help property owners convert their premises into student housing facilities in places that are close to prominent colleges and universities in the nation.

What exactly is a student housing facility?

Student housing facilities are not like dorms. They are specially designed for college students who look for comfortable and peaceful accommodation to focus on their academic goals. These properties have dedicated spaces for studying, eating, cooking, areas for entertainment and sports, comfortable security, and lodging with high-speed internet that students need for their studies.

When it comes to their rental agreements, they are different from the traditional landlord-tenant agreement. They are flexible, and their terms and conditions are convenient for the student to follow and agree to.

No need for car spaces

When it comes to students, they generally cannot afford a car, and this is why the property does not have to offer them a car parking space. Most students look for housing accommodation that helps them to walk down to their campuses easily. This helps them to save traveling time and money.

Another plus point of student housing properties is there is a huge potential for growth and income. The property is located near a college or a university. It is obvious that the other main spots of the city are easily accessible as well. This means that over the years, the value of the student housing property will appreciate in just a short span of two to three years. So, if you wish to sell your student housing real estate in the future, you will get huge returns on investment, which is good news for property owners.

According to the experts of Nelson Partners, even during the recession or, more recently, the coronavirus pandemic, student housing real estate was not affected. With colleges and universities switching to online education, students were indoors completing their courses.

Rents were paid in time, and even if there were delays, parent guarantors took up the onus of paying rents in time. Student housing and education were not affected, and they sailed through the tough times with success!

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