Mark Roemer Oakland Explains How to Know If You Need Stairlift for Your Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, many people hesitate to install a stairlift in their home due to the steep cost. However, a stairlift can save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses that can occur due to accidents, especially when you have elderly people at your home. Thus, it is always recommended that you get a stairlift when you notice the signs of needing them at the earliest.

The Signs

Here are a few signs you need a stairlift for your home:

  1. If you have people at home with reduced mobility – Many people suffer from joint or knee pain, excessive knee stiffness, and a shortage of breath when climbing stairs. This is especially prevalent among senior citizens, but the issue can affect anybody above 40 as well. In such situations, climbing the stairs frequently can become a painful experience or even exacerbate joint pain.

Oftentimes, you may need to support them from the back to help them climb up the stairs. However, on their own, it can take them over 5 minutes to get on top. In such cases, it is better to install a stairlift.

  1. If you are worried about your parents falling from the stairs – Most elderly suffer from mobility issues, and they can miss a step when they exert themselves too much while climbing a set of stairs. This is more common in people with declining health and those who need medications and help to maintain a regular schedule.

Some people feel dizzy when climbing up or downstairs and it is essential that they only climb stairs with the supervision of their caretaker or use a stairlift. And, if you are frightened about your parents falling from the stairs, it is better to install a stairlift and achieve peace of mind.

  1. It is recommended by your doctor – If you have ill family members at home who have been affected by major health issues such as severe arthritis, major heart strokes, weak heart conditions, and other disabilities that have affected their vision and sense of balance, the supervising doctor can recommend complete bed rest for the patient and that you install a stairlift in your home.

Needless to say, when a doctor advises something, it is usually a very good idea to follow the advice.

  1. Family members are afraid of climbing stairs – Most elderlies refrain from climbing up or down the stairs since their health is not in good condition due to fear but they don’t want to bother other family members for assistance. However, this can result in depression which can chip away at their mental health. You can allow them to eliminate this fear by installing a stairlift in your home.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you don’t settle for a cheap solution when shopping for a stairlift for your home. You cannot put a value on the life of your loved ones and settling for a cheap solution can put their life at risk. Instead, choose products from reputed brands that have very good ratings and customer reviews.

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