How to Care for Your Solar Pool Cover


A swimming pool is an excellent addition to every home’s backyard. It offers a private space for exercising and unwinding with your family. You can also make your swimming pool the centre of attention during parties and get-togethers. All these make the swimming pool a highly attractive investment for homeowners.

Swimming pools need covers for numerous reasons like to avoid dirt and debris from falling into them, to prevent evaporation, and to conserve heat. Solar pool covers have become extremely popular in recent years.

They are highly efficient, cost-effective in the long run, and environmentally friendly. But for them to last longer, you have to give them proper care and maintenance. Proper maintenance is also essential for their efficient functioning.

Solar cover care and maintenance tips

Solar pool cover care and maintenance is not a difficult task. By following some cleaning and maintenance tips, you can easily make your pool cover last longer.

  • Cleaning the solar pool cover

Cleaning the pool cover is a fairly easy process. You will need some rubber gloves, a garden hose, a bucket, a brush, and dish soap. Your cover may have some amount of debris on it. So, the first step is to remove the debris using the garden hose. This is also helpful in getting rid of chlorine from your pool cover.

Now pour some water into the bucket and add dish soap to it. You can also use any other form of mild detergent. Then use this soapy solution and the brush to scrub the dirt off the pool cover. There is no particular ratio for the water detergent mix. Just make sure that the solution is not overly bubbly.

There may be some stubborn dirt or algae that remains after you have cleaned the cover with the hose. During scrubbing, make sure that these are also removed. Remember to wear gloves while cleaning.

After scrubbing, clean the cover again using the hose. Check the entire cover for any spots you may have missed, including the corners. If there is still dirt or algae left on the cover, repeat the cleaning process.

Continue to do this until you get a clean and sparkling pool cover. If you are not going to be using the cover soon after cleaning, make sure to dry it properly before you keep it away in the storeroom. This will help prevent mildew or mould from growing.

  • Maintaining the pool cover

Cleaning the pool cover will help you to keep it shining and beautiful all the time. But if you want to preserve the cover for longer and enjoy its benefits, you should know some simple maintenance tips.

  • Keep it out of direct sunlight

Solar covers are made for outside use. However, exposure to ultraviolet radiation can hasten its deterioration. Because of this, whenever you are not using your cover, keep it away from the sunlight. You can also protect it by covering it with a good protective cover.

  • Be mindful of the chemical levels in your pool

The chemical imbalances in your swimming pool water can quicken the deterioration of your solar cover. Make sure that the chemical levels of your pool water are balanced at all times to increase the life of the solar pool cover. It is better to remove the solar cover from a “super chlorinated” pool. You can always put the cover back on once the levels are normal. Remember that solar covers warm the pool water using the sun’s energy. This means that as the water gets warmer, the chlorine concentration will also increase. Have an efficient filtration system in place and time the circulation of cool and warm water in the pool to avoid these issues. The Gold Coast Pool Builder experts are available to help you with your pH and chemical imbalances with your fibreglass pool.

  • Properly store it

After you clean your pool cover, make sure that it is completely dry before you put it away. Air drying is the best way to dry the solar cover. Properly fold it once it is completely dry. Try to keep wrinkles to a minimum when you are folding the cover. After folding, wrap it in an appropriately-sized plastic bag. You can also use the original carton if you have kept it with you. Keep the cover in a safe and shaded place. Also, make sure that the temperature of the storage area is not higher than 120° Fahrenheit. Having a solar roller will make things easier for you. Just install the roller in a shady spot.

  • Protect it from getting dirty

Cleaning regularly is good, but make sure that there are minimal chances of your solar cover getting dirty. Avoid the cover coming in contact with dirt and grass frequently. If you have any large trees near the pool area, make sure to keep them trimmed to limit the number of leaves and debris falling onto the cover.

  • Fix the damage immediately

One main mistake people make all the time is postponing damage repairs. It is crucial to repair damage as and when it appears. This will be helpful in preventing them from escalating and creating bigger issues. In many cases, the damage might be a minor issue that you can even repair at home. But if you keep postponing the repair work, you might end up having to call in the professionals.

  • Never leave it outside in the winter

It is crucial to remove the solar cover from your swimming pool as soon as winter starts. Solar covers are not ideal for winter. Leaving the solar cover outside in winter can dramatically reduce its lifespan. Try to invest in a specially designed pool cover that can withstand the chilly winter.

To Conclude

A solar cover is an excellent investment that will help you cut down on maintenance and heating costs. But to ensure its effective operation and long life, you have to put in some effort to take proper care of it. Clean your solar cover frequently, at least once every three or six months to keep it free of dirt and algae. A proper cleaning regime will also ensure that your cover lasts longer. Follow the maintenance tips and consult your pool care professionals for expert advice.

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