How Does Cold Sterilization Dry Fogging Kill Mold?


Periodic disinfection and sanitization in your house and office have become essential after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us maintained the ritual of disinfection even before the pandemic because it is crucial to keep the space free of any kind of infection. Mold is a type of fungal infection that is formed on surfaces because of too much moisture or dampness. It spreads fast if not controlled in time and can reach cracks, crevices, and corners.

There are various methods to get rid of molds, like air treatment, dry ice blasting, sanding, and many more. Every method has pros and cons. In this article, we will be discussing the technique of cold sterilization for mold removal called dry fogging. You can find the best cold sterilization dry fogging in West Palm Beach FL, also.

What is dry fogging?

Dry fogging is a chemical method of cold sterilization for mold removal, which releases mist or fog of tiny particles. These tiny particles act as non-toxic disinfectants and are released through a disinfectant machine. The tiny particles disperse in the space quickly without making it damp or wet. Wipe down takes time and does not reach unreachable cracks, while fog reaches everywhere in the room. It even helps in removing toxins on electronic gadgets in the room.

There are different types of fogger machines- manual, electrostatic, or automatic- and any of these can be used depending on the room size and provider. It can take up to hours or even days, depending on the size of the room and machine. It is a frequent practice in hospitals and clinics to disinfect the space. It is also widely used in industries like pharmaceuticals, food industry, healthcare, life sciences, and many more.

Benefits of dry fogging

Dry fogging is a popular technique for cold sterilization for mold removal because of the various benefits it offers. The major benefits of dry fogging are:

1. Faster Process

In today’s fast pacing world, we want practices and operations that do not take up much of our time. The process of cold sterilization dry fogging is fast and effective, which makes it the first choice of many industries. Many other techniques involve keeping the industry or space shut for a few days to completely get rid of mold and pathogens.

This technique is fast and takes up to three hours or sometimes more, considering the size of the space. The process involves taping all the windows and doors to prevent air from escaping. Also, all the drawers, cabinets, and closets are kept open.

2. Safe and Non-Toxic

While the technique of cold sterilization dry fogging gets rid of all kinds of pathogens, the chemicals involved are completely non-toxic to humans and animals. There is no risk of contamination of food or water, though you should anyway keep it covered. Chemicals used are permitted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The vapor is completely biodegradable.

3. Kills Different Pathogens

The process of cold sterilization dry fogging helps in getting rid of viruses, bacteria, molds, and other pathogens. This helps in keeping the space clean and clear of any kinds of diseases and infections. It eradicates all kinds of odor and moisture from every nook and cranny of your space.


Manual cleaning might get rid of the dust, but it is difficult to get rid of numerous microorganisms, including mold, bacteria, and viruses. The technique of cold sterilization for mold removal is widely used and safe to use. You can try dry fogging as it is cost and time efficient.

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