Everything You Need to Know About Mirrors


You must know the power mirrors carry if you are a style enthusiast. Mirrors can transform your space relatively fast. However, you must get it right when selecting what to buy for your home. While many associate a mirror with helping you compliment your outfit, you can earn more than this. For instance, mirrors will help enhance lighting in your house while creating a lovely outlook. Additionally, mirrors can be used as décor pieces, thus elevating your interior design. This article provides everything you need to know about mirrors.

What Entails a Quality Mirror?

It is important to consider various aspects before buying a mirror for your home. The essential factors to look for include the mirror’s silvering, its thickness, and the glass quality. Considering these factors will make a significant difference to your mirror, making it a great treasure. A mirror silvering involves the chemical coating used during the final stage of making the mirror. Good quality mirrors will have a generous coating, thus creating a transparent, tough, and long-lasting layer.

Regarding a mirror’s thickness, a quarter inch is a perfect selection. This ensures that the thickness doesn’t misshape a reflection even when the wall is not flat. The essence of getting a good quality glass is that it will achieve accurate reflections without distortions.

How Can I Match a Mirror with My Décor?

Of course, you want your mirror to match with your existing décor. Therefore, you must make the proper selection with the mirror frames. The most common mirror frames include metal and wooden frames. Click here to discover the best modern mirror frame kits you will love.

Metal Frames

These mirror frames exude a clean and clinical-like feel to your space. Metal frames are perfect for more orderly aesthetics like minimalist and modern environments. You should select a more artistic mirror frame, especially when looking to have fun with your mirror or enhance an eclectic space. Also, you can hand-paint metal frames to bring distinction to your house. For a complicated bohemian space, consider rose gold or gold frames to simplify it. This way, you can add structure to your room.

Wooden Frames

Wooden mirror frames help complement industrial and rustic surroundings. This is especially the case when the wood is highlighted with distressed aspects. Additionally, you could also benefit from a wooden frame if you have farmhouse aesthetics.

Can I Use More Than One Mirror?

Typically, mirrors can be used to deliver and frame a view. Therefore, using the mirrors in pairs will help establish a sense of harmony and poise while reflecting the other side of the space nicely. Moreover, using mirrors in pairs helps achieve an organized atmosphere in your room. Use mirrors with colorful trims or uniquely shaped ones for an eclectic environment.

Can I Use Small Mirrors in an Open Space?

Yes, you can use small mirrors to enhance the appearance of an open space. Multiple same-sized mirrors across from one another or side by side will create a perfect look. Small mirrors will work similarly to a collage of paintings. For a more fancy design, look for different frames and shapes.

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