5 Patio Decor Ideas Using Pillows


As the weather improves and gets warmer, more people spend time outdoors. However, the outdoor spaces should be cozy and inviting for you to spend more time entertaining guests or relaxing outside. Besides upgrading the furniture and doing a few repairs, you should consider some decor ideas to elevate the space and make it more fancy and comfortable. What’s more, it does not have to be expensive. Pillows can help you achieve a simple yet sophisticated look and are a comfortable and chic patio look as long as you know how to style them.

Have a Color Pallet

Regardless of the color of the furniture on your patio, the pillows you use need to have a specific color palette. Experts advise using the same colors for all your throw pillows or choosing complimentary colors as this gives a more cohesive pattern and overall look, which is what you want for your patio space. No one wants a room that looks too busy, which happens when you have random throw pillow colors.

Consider the Symmetry when Arranging Pillows

Besides choosing colors that work, it is also essential to arrange the pillows appropriately. Symmetry is vital if you intend to achieve a specific look. Layering different fabrics together is the easiest and fastest way to make things look busy. Since this is not something you want in a space that should be relaxing, symmetrically arrange the pillows. This leaves the space feeling more organized, polished, and orderly. Everyone loves a look that shows that everything has been put together correctly.

Choose Prints Carefully

Pillows can easily elevate the look of any space as long as they are correctly chosen. If you do not want everything to be uniform, your guide on pattern choices is to stick with a simple, busy, and solid print, especially if you intend to have pillow groupings on your furniture. Alternatively, approach this differently by picking one large print, one small print, and one bold print. The idea is to have a balanced look. For example, you could mix plaids and other patterns as these work perfectly together.

Use Different Sized Pillows

If you want to play around with sizes, make sure that the smallest pillows are arranged towards the center of the furniture. Larger pillows should be at the end or corners. This is great for aesthetics and offers you better comfort because the pillows will not be taking up all the space.

Regulate the Decorative Pillows

It is true what they say; less is more. This applies more when dealing with decor. While decorative pillows improve the aesthetics of space and sometimes enhance the comfort of the furniture, be careful not to go overboard. The beauty of the pillows can be lost when there are too many. Moreover, make sure to have some form of storage to keep your pillows dry and clean and out of the elements whenever you are not entertaining guests or using them. Prolong exposure, for example, from the sun, makes them wear out and fade faster. Proper storage in a perfectly sized patio storage unit from ARROW will prolong their lifespan.

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