Add a Touch of Sophistication to Your Interior Design with World Map Wall Murals


Are you spoilt for choice on the best decoration to choose and add charm and beauty to a space? With the high demand for customizable wallpapers and murals, you might find the adventure daunting. But with the ever-expanding market and wide selection of wallpaper murals, you will not miss a type that suits your needs and taste.

If you’re looking for an option that will create a beautiful feature wall, pick a world map wall mural. World maps have been an intriguing and favored traditional piece of wall décor. The incredible features these maps depict fascinate many people.

World map murals are exceptional and cast worldliness, advancement, novelty, classiness and intelligence. World maps give you an idea of how the universe looks and are an excellent choice for travelers and learners.

Reasons for investing in world maps vary from one person to another. Don’t let anyone sway you from comparing the available collections. Pick the best mural to add to your nursery wallpaper collection, educate, or bring a touch of sophistication to your space.

World Map Wall Mural Ideas to Embrace

World map wallpapers are a great décor choice that will bring pleasure to your home. They are versatile and will fit into any space. These murals make great choices for classrooms, offices, libraries, and study rooms.

The choices are endless, whether you want an education piece or just to add to your interior. However, you’ll not miss a favorite world map mural idea. Here are a few to help make wise choices:

The Classic Physical World Map Mural

The classic physical world map makes a great wallpaper mural for educational purposes. It’s an excellent choice if you want to decorate a classroom or study room at home. The scale of the pattern of these map murals should be easy to resize if used as education-purpose décor.

Old Double Hemisphere World Map Mural 

The old double hemisphere world mural also fits into any space in a home. It features map projections and illustrations prevalent among navigators and will speak much about your personality and view of the universe.

You’ll have a remarkable piece for the office or study area. It also allows you to create different mood themes in the house.

Watercolor World Map Mural 

The watercolor world map mural is a sophisticated wallpaper for any room calling out for attention. It’s an eye-catching artistic piece you wish to add to your foyer.

This mural wallpaper will show your adventurous nature and qualities many might not know. Your children will also like the textured watercolor pattern, especially if you install it on their bedroom ceiling.

Ancient World Map Mural 

Make your dream to own a unique wallpaper mural a reality by investing in the ancient world map mural. It is one of the most popular choices of world maps and a great addition to any room.

The key attention-grabbing features include continental drawings, yellowed parchment style and navigational roses all over the map. They will add flair and a sense of sophistication to your interior design.

The Maps of the World Mural 

A mural that depicts maps of the world will be a classic décor option for any home. Such a mural will perfectly complement a forest wallpaper on one corner of a room. You will have a décor option outstanding for the foyer, living area, classrooms, study rooms or office.

Wrapping Up 

Antique maps can make great mural wallpapers. You can use them not just for decoration purposes but also for education. World map murals are purely artistic as they are designed from projections and illustrations of the original design. A unique design will give you or your guest a feeling that you’re exploring the world without leaving your seats.

These wallpaper murals come in a wide variety of designs, and you should pick what grabs your attention and fits into your budget. Pick mural styles that blend well with your furniture and accessories. You can even customize a map of your hometown and have a mural that speaks much about your journey and life.

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