10 Ways We Make Moves Stress-free


Although taking possession of a brand new house is fun, many individuals dread the process of moving itself. In fact, many experts point out that moving is a very stressful experience. That is why most suggest some of the following ways to make homeowner’s moves stress-free:

1. Hire a Professional Mover

If you are able to make room for it within your budget, nothing really helps to relieve moving stress more than entrusting major tasks to reliable movers in companies such as BRS Moving. Apart from helping with heavy lifting, movers may as well help to pack your things and wrap them up safely.

2. Declutter Before Packing

Decluttering before packing to ascertain you have a stress-free move is important. Besides, moving as you try to find crannies and nooks for the things you don’t need anymore is both frustrating and time-consuming. Plus, you might want to schedule donation picks before you pack.

3. Make a Checklist for Every Room

Before you put anything in a box, consider listing out things in the room you want to bring to your new house. This is a perfect way to ascertain that you don’t forget or overlook anything.

4. Deal with the Paperwork

Keep all the important documents, like insurance papers, wills, house deeds, and passports, in one file or box to ascertain easy access. Afterward, this should be placed somewhere you can’t lose them.

5. Collect Boxes

No one said that it is a must you pay a fortune in exchange for some moving boxes. Start to collect boxes from friends, grocery stores, offices, and family. You can as well check out local sites, such as Craigslist.

6. Get Your Kids out of the Way

If your children are not old enough to give you a hand, they are more likely to add more stress to the moving stress. So you might want to arrange for your children to stay at a friend’s home or even consider hiring a babysitter.

7. Budget for the Costs

Among the most stressful factors of moving is the total cost of doing so. In case you are doing so for the first time, it might be simple to lose track of things you need to pay. Thus, it will be best to create a budget for your moving cost.

8. Handle Your Nostalgia

It is tempting to flick through photograph albums before packing them. Though this is the worst type of packing procrastination, and it may steal time on your moving day. Always member that the main objective is to pack your belongings.

9. Clear the Calendar

Blocking off a chunk of time for packing can be helpful. Whether this means hiring a caregiver for the day or taking your day off, you can accomplish a lot when you decide to dedicate more time to packing.

10. Label Your Belongings

It will be a great idea to invest in a perfect label maker. If this is not within your budget, ascertain that you stock several Sharpie markers.

Final Touches!

Although moving is not fun, it doesn’t need to be stressful either. You can always take away your moving stress with the help of these ways.

For more tips on keeping your move stress-free, check out the infographic below!residential moving company

Infographic provided by Master Movers, a residential moving company

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