Space Saving for Wardrobes


Saving space around the house is undeniably a priority for everyone. By using space saving hacks for old items, we can make way for new items yet to come and avoid having too much clutter when that time comes. This is especially true for clothing items in wardrobes.

Have you ever gone on a shopping spree then realised that your wardrobe is full to the brim? Or needed a specific item but couldn’t find it with all the mess? Take a look at some tips to keep your wardrobe organised AND save space for those long-awaited new clothes and accessories!

Organise Seasonally

The best way to save space in your wardrobe is to only have what you need. Especially useful for small wardrobes, organising your clothes, shoes, and accessories depending on the upcoming season saves a ton of space by removing unneeded items. In summertime, store your winter clothes away in boxes or bags, since big jackets, sweaters, and scarves take lots of unnecessary space. While reorganising for the next few months, make the most out of it by also taking out any items which you don’t wear anymore and putting them in a separate pile to sell, throw away, or give to charity. Doing this small but effective act will ensure that the only items in your wardrobe taking up valuable space are ones which you’ll actually wear.

Utilise Wardrobe Doors

Unknown by many, the backs of wardrobe doors are hidden gems for space saving. It being a horizontally flat surface, many overlook its usefulness to conveniently store items with a dash of creativity. From hooks to rods, countless tools can easily be installed to your wardrobe’s door to save space. This is also one of our tips from  6 minimalist bedroom furniture layouts.  Not only can you hang all kinds of items, including bags, belts, hats, earrings, necklaces, and clothes, you can even utilise your new and improved wardrobe door by preparing your whole outfit every night! Don’t just save space, save time too!!

Incorporate Storage Baskets

Don’t want to take up valuable storage space for your shoes, hats, scarves, and other accessories? We have the solution! If you have access to the top of your wardrobe (and if there’s enough space between your wardrobe and the ceiling), you can very easily and efficiently store your shoes and accessories in storage baskets on your wardrobe! This is also useful to store clothes which are out-of-season so that they’re out of the way until they need to be used. Just don’t forget to cover them with a sheet of plastic or other material to avoid getting your items dusty and dirty.

Store Shoes ‘Heel-to-Toe’

A standard practice for shoe storage but a great space saver nonetheless is the method of storing shoes ‘heel-to-toe’. This means that when placing shoes in their spot, one shoe is facing away from you whilst the other of the pair is facing towards you, so the heel of one shoe is touching the toe of the other. This saves loads of space as opposed to placing them in the same direction side-by-side, especially if they’re stored on shoe racks where you’ll have very limited space!

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