Reasons to Build a Home Patio



A home patio serves many purposes. A well-paved patio can become the highlight of your backyard and help you entertain guests in the best way possible. If you want one for your home, you can search for “paving companies near me” and choose the best paving company near you. But before that let’s check out a few good reasons for building a home patio:

The Reasons

  1. Entertainment venue – As mentioned above, when you build a home patio you have a great place to entertain yourself, your family, and guests that visit your home. A large yard is great, and everyone likes a bit more greenery around them. However, at certain times of the year, the outside becomes a no-go zone. Bugs and mosquitoes are more abundant in green spaces and sitting directly under the hot sun is unbearable.

The bugs and insects won’t disappear when you have a patio. However, there would be fewer of them since they have fewer spaces to call home. You can also put up mosquito screens when you have support structures on the patio. Moreover, a temporary shed and umbrellas are the usual sight on any patio and help you relax under a cool shade in hot summers.

  1. Expand your living area – When you build a patio you also extend your living area. Depending on your lifestyle you may spend more time on it or less. Either way, no one minds a bit of extra space to relax or work with your laptop. Depending on your geography and climate you may avoid spending time on the patio in the hot summer and cold winters.

However, you can spend all day at the patio during the spring season. You can spend several hours out at the patio doing whatever you want. Put up a few comfy couches and you can even let your kids have a sleepover. Add a screen, projector, and speaker set and you’ve successfully made your patio into an outdoor theater.

  1. Increase the value of your home – You may choose to build a big or small patio. Either way, you’ll add a lot of value to your home. You may not be planning to move to a different home anytime soon. You may have decided to spend the rest of your days in your home. However, it never hurts to know that you’ll get a good return on your investment.

When you choose to sell your home, potential homeowners would love to have a comfortable outdoor living space. The real estate agent would also have an easier time upselling your property quickly. Even if you don’t sell your home, your next generation gets to reap the profits.

The patio doesn’t just add monetary value to your home. It also improves your life. Families tend to eat together and bond more in outdoor spaces. When you’re indoors, it’s easy to finish your meal and get back to homework, chores, work or video games, and TV.

  1. Durable and Affordable – You may think that a patio is very expensive. This may be true when it’s just the upfront cost. However, in the long term, they are one of the most affordable outdoor investments. When you replace a section of your lawn with a patio it helps you save a lot of money. Lawns are hard to maintain, need a ridiculous amount of water, and are always prone to weeds.

In fact, turf grass consumes more water than seven of the most water-hungry crops combined. That’s a conservative estimate and the real numbers should be more bizarre. The fertilizer, water, and maintenance cost you around $1500 annually. On the other hand, the national average cost of building a home patio is around $5000. You break even in less than three years and save a lot of money when you build a patio.

Moreover, it’s not like you completely get rid of greenery when you build a patio. You can have plenty of potted plants on your patio. Patios are also very durable. They are usually made from bricks, concrete, or stone that lasts for years with little to no maintenance. Unlike decks that need a lot of expensive wood, patios are affordable for most homeowners.

  1. Unlimited customization – When you decide to build a patio you have numerous options for customization. You can make your patio out of concrete blocks, stones, or bricks. You can even choose the pattern and color and style it any way you want to match other exterior features of your home. You can also make it small or big depending on your preference and the amount of available space.

Moreover, it doesn’t need to be a build-and-done project. You can take your time building your patio and add new ideas and features as your preferences and financial situation changes. Make it rugged with natural stone or keep it classy with bricks. It can be a square, circle, or any random shape you want. The choice is yours and allows you to push your creative juices to the limit.

  1. Low maintenance – Since patios are remarkably durable, they are also low maintenance. Most patios are built out of bricks or stones that don’t get worn down by weather and foot traffic. When there’s a heavy shower, they don’t bloat up like wood either. Moreover, if you have a stone patio, the signs of time add character to your patio and improve it over time.

You don’t need to spend money and time applying several coats of sealers on the patio either. If your patio is built properly by trained professionals, you don’t have to worry about weeds propping up either. The most you’ll do is hose off dirt and debris off the patio.


As you can see a home patio can serve many purposes. Apart from being a recreational and relaxation center for your family and your guests, it can also increase the value of your home. To build a home patio, you can search for “paving companies near me” and hire the right professionals.

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