Make sure you choose the right building architect type to avoid tragedies!


What are the chances that you choose some Building architect and find on later stages that its expertise is in another field? Stats say that many. It is not that architecture companies don’t inform you about it at the earlier stages, but there are many companies that just want work. These real-life instances make it necessary for one to be ready beforehand with the knowledge about it. You would never want to search for the best architects in Coimbatore, choosing one, and finding later on that you were somehow tricked. Terrible! We all empathize. Thus, here we lay down the knowledge for you to consider and stay wise upon these novel paths.

What are the different types of architects?

You might think that building is a work of science alone, that science alone makes you go awed about the sheer sight of it. But, no! Science indeed is necessary, however, it alone does not make a structure stand tall and opulent. When it comes to aesthetics, the very feel of stepping into one and swoon mesmerized by its essence is the work of architects. They give soul to the mere structure. This work of art is so dynamic that it requires specialization in a particular field. Architects decide their field and gain knowledge regarding it. This makes it crucial for one to know about what many kinds are there.

Residential Architects:

Very simple: They design homes. You might have noticed that residential homes always look and feel different than those commercial ones. It is because special care is given by these expert architects to nourish the very homely needs.

This sort of building architect works closely with the about-to-be homeowner. They hold the knowledge about what color, what shape, what texture, and what size might go well along in the residential places.

Residential architects takes care of how a family works. They take care of the psychology that runs in the family. If there are kind in the family, they’ll know how the design and color should be.

Commercial Architects:

They are a level higher and focus mainly upon the commercial buildings. Commercial buildings usually take bigger space and deal with different types of people. This makes it necessary for a builder to work upon different needs. Those big skyscrapers are one such example of commercial buildings. Another examples are shopping malls, bridges, hotels, museums,

It is not that these commercial architects won’t be able to guide you in your residential dreams, but that they would lack that to-the-point expertise. It is like you are asking an expert in sushi-making to cook some hakka noodles for you. He sure would be able to, but that exact touch would remain absent. Thus, when you search for the best architects in Coimbatore to plan some building, make sure the commercial expertise remains there.

Industrial Architects:

A builder of this sort plans an industry. Even further, these builders hold expertise in different industries due to the specific industrial needs. One would try avoiding an architect that has planned an automobile industry to plan a chemical industry. Chances are that the builder won’t be aware of the risks involved in particular industries.

There are many businesses in India that look for architects who are experts in a certain type of industry. It helps the industry running smooth. It also serves the employees of that industry in a specific manner. This leads to efficiency and long-term sustainability.

Urban Architects:

These architects focus upon designing and building an entire neighborhood. They even plan a complete city and thus would hold expertise in both landscape architecture and commercial architecture. Take condo-associations or HOAs for example. These types of setups require a great deal of knowledge about bringing different demography into a single area.

When it comes to planning a city, the main focus gets laid upon how and where different buildings should be placed. For e.g., you would never want to place a hospital at one end of the city. This type of builder also take economical, cultural, and political aspects into consideration.

Landscape Architects:

Ever seen a park and thinking of not leaving it until the sun falls below the horizon? These works of beauty are the speciality of landscape architects. They make sure that the landscape that is meant to bring joy and comfort to people is doing its work well. Bringing parks, lawns, pathways, and similar landscapes to life is the work of landscape architects. This type of architects also work with residential building architect to design any open space for the client. It usually happens when you go to a company and they offer different services under one roof.

Conservational Architects:

This is actually a field that many are gaining specialization into considering the need of the modern world. There are many archaic structures out there that require restoration. A builder expert in this would know different structure types and the appropriate restoration method.

How should you be choosing an architect?

Apart from those given above, there are also architects based on specific roles in the complete building process. One architect might be an expert in technical areas such as insulation, wiring, moisture control, lightning, thermal system etc., while others might be an expert in designing and planning. Before choosing a building architect, make sure how do they process things towards the end. Do not hesitate to clear things related to fees, extra charges, the team, their communication process, and every other thing that one should know before choosing a builder.

Be sure of what your needs are. There might come a point where you might need the help of multiple architects. For e.g., a grand villa will require the knowledge of a landscape architect, residential architect, and interior designer alongside.

If the architect holds expertise in commercial building but is confident enough to serve you your needs, walk with caution. One might surely serve you some value, but it might lack things that you are looking for. It could also be based on your area. For e.g., if you live in Coimbatore, look for Best architects in Coimbatore who are already familiar with the demographic and legal situation in that area.

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