How To Make Your House Aesthetically Pleasing


The clean, mini malistic home aesthetic is tremendously popular right now, especially after multiple lock downs, and working professionals choosing to continue working from home over the last two years.

According to Life Hack, there are multiple benefits that come with living with less, so We Buy Any House have gathered some tricks and tips on how to create an effortlessly clean and aesthetically pleasing home for you to enjoy.

1.White Walls

One thing which is guaranteed to instantly make your living space better is refreshing your walls with a lick of paint.

White is the perfect colour for opening up a space as it brightens up the room instantly, creating a blank canvas to add pops of colour with your decorations and furniture – which can easily be updated throughout the seasons.

What’s more, it is the versatility of the white walls that is so appealing because you can completely change the whole vibe of your space without having to make any drastic renovations that breaks the bank.

If you don’t want to fork out paying for a professional decorator, why not grab a few of your friends for a ‘Paint Party’, get some paint pots and rollers and get painting! This way you would save some money, and allow you to have fun in the process.

Dulux White Paint : £25
Essentials Rollers Set : £11


After creating your blank canvases, it is time to start decorating them by adding some mirrors around the house. Not only will they brighten up your living space through the light reflections, but they will make it appear much larger as well.

An exceedingly trendy mirror has been the floor-length, oversized one which can cover almost your entire wall vertically and is perfect for those days when you need to check out how your whole outfit is working out from head to toe. These mirrors are normally on the more pricey side but they do add a great depth to any room, transforming it completely.

Why don’t you even pop some small ones around so that you can always check yourself out and have a cool wall decoration as well? With so many different frames, shapes and styles you can easily find ones suitable for your space which will instantly liven up any boring wall.

Small Startburts Mirror : £14

Floor-length Oversized Mirror : £130

3.Wicker Decor

Perhaps thenumerous lock downs have made us all seek the outsides a tad more which explains why we have seen décor from natural materials such as wicker, rattan, wood and other natural fibres become so trendy recently, making its way to every lifestyle or travel bloggers’ Instagram feeds.

Anything from wicker baskets to solve your storage problems to beautiful rattan trays would give you that rustic natural feel which would certainly inspire calm, warm, and homely feelings. Having wooden finishes on your furniture would have similar effects as well.

Whether you decide to include wood in either your furniture or decorations, it is certain to cozy up any space in a way that only natural materials can do.
Browse wicker decorations
3-Tier Storage Wooden Shelf : £29

Rattan Tray : £16


One of the most important parts of enhancing a living space aesthetically are accents. It’s incredible what a difference adding the right pillows, rugs and throws can make to a room and how fast it will transform it into a homier version of it.

Accessories can either make or break your house so it’s worth saying that keeping a consistent palette and choosing quality over quantity is vital here. Don’t forget that minimalistic does not necessarily have to mean boring so don’t be afraid to get yourself some interesting wall art, weirdly shaped vases or some vintage piece of décor.

It is easy to get overwhelmed and buy tons of decorations so make sure you choose wisely and don’t over clutter the space.

Cotton Rug : £39
Donut Ceramic Vase : £20


It is believed that every home needs at least one living plant. They are not only great for making you that little bit more responsible by taking care of a living organism, but plants are also the ideal décor. You can even use their green colour as your accent and keep all your other furniture and decorations neutral and minimalistic.

Additionally, plants are the natural replacement of an air freshener and in a sense bring the serendipity of the outsides to you. They are known to have numerous health benefits which can help you relieve stress and anxiety, and help you sleep better at night.

For anyone struggling to look after plants or simply does not have the desire to, a good suggestion would be to get either a cactus or a succulent. They are known for their minimal maintenance and are completely foolproof. Even if you forget to water them,don’t worry, they are persistent little things! They will survive and continue to make your home a tiny bit more natural looking.

Parlour Palm : £6
Potted Monstera : £16.99


Are you tired of having tons of customer goods laying around your kitchen and bathroom that just do not fit your aesthetic? Instead of filling your cabinets to the brim trying to hide them all, try utilising some of the space by investing in some organisers. Not only would they save you loads of space, but it would also instantly make your home more visually appealing. Not to mention that it gives you the opportunity to start buying bulk quantities and refill your containers, and thus be kinder to the environment. You can even get creative, use some old containers, and turn them into beautiful, customised organisers for anything from your bathroom cosmetics to your kitchen ingredients.

Browse organisers
Natural Caddy  : £30
Kitchen Utensils Organiser : £8.99

We all want that picture perfect living space, don’t we? At the end of the day it is good to remember that everyone should feel safe and comfortable in their houses and even if you don’tsucceed in making it as visually aesthetic as you had initially imagined, do not beat yourself up!

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