Furniture Trends of the Year: A Deep Dive into Contemporary Designs and Styles


As the year progresses and time moves ahead, it’s important to stay on top of all current trends in furniture design. Whether you’re looking to revamp an entire room or just spruce up your living space with a few choice pieces, knowing the latest styles and designs can help you make not only a beautiful statement but one that’s very much on-trend. To help keep you informed of what those are for 2021 we’ve put together this deep dive into the contemporary designs and looks dominating interior décor right now. From rustic wood furnishings to super modern metals and beyond, here is our comprehensive look at the most sought-after furniture trends this season!

The top furniture trends

Step into any furniture store today and you’ll find that home decor trends have come a long way from the traditional, bulky furniture pieces of the past. As the world continues to shift towards a more minimalistic and functional lifestyle, furniture design has followed suit. The top furniture trends of the moment are all about sustainability, versatility and comfort. From modular sofas that can transform to fit any room style to ergonomic office chairs designed to support the body while working, the options are limitless. With a range of styles and aesthetics that cater to every taste and budget, there’s sure to be a design trend that’s perfect for you and your living space. So why not add a touch of modernity and practicality to your home with these top furniture trends?

Analyzing the most popular materials used in contemporary designs

Contemporary design has become increasingly popular over time, with its focus on simplicity and minimalism. One aspect of this design style is the use of certain materials that add to its appeal and aesthetic value. By analyzing the most commonly used materials in contemporary design, we can gain insight into what makes this style so appealing and what design trends are likely to emerge in the future. Whether it’s natural wood, polished concrete, stainless steel or glass, each material has its own unique qualities that add to the overall beauty and functionality of contemporary design. By learning more about these materials, we can better understand how they can be used to create stunning and innovative designs that are both functional and beautiful.

Examining the influence of Scandinavian-style on modern furniture

The sleek and minimalist styles of Scandinavian furniture have become increasingly popular in modern interior design. With its clean lines, neutral color palettes, and emphasis on functionality, it’s not hard to see why Scandinavian-style has made such an impact on the furniture industry. From iconic chairs like Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair to the more streamlined designs of IKEA, Scandinavian furniture has become a staple in homes and offices across the globe. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the influence of Scandinavian-style has also led to a greater focus on sustainability in furniture production. As we continue to examine and appreciate the influence of Scandinavian-style on modern furniture, it’s clear that this design ethos will continue to inspire and shape the industry for years to come.

Exploring mid-century modern and its resurgence

Mid-century modern design is a style that emerged in the mid-20th century and has grown in popularity in recent years. The appeal of this design movement lies in its combination of clean lines, simple forms, and functional objects that were designed with mass production in mind. Mid-century modern furniture often features low profiles, tapered legs, and natural materials, such as wood and leather. Today, many people are drawn to this design aesthetic as a way to bring a sense of modernity and simplicity to their homes. With its resurgence in popularity, mid-century modern has become a popular choice for furniture designers, interior decorators, and collectors alike. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to mid-century modern, exploring this design movement is an adventurous journey that is sure to inspire.

Analyzing the impact of eco-friendly materials in design

As consumers become increasingly mindful of their impact on the environment, designers are adapting their approaches to prioritize eco-friendly materials. From recycled plastics to sustainably sourced wood, these materials not only benefit the planet, but also allow for a unique aesthetic in design. As a result, furniture near me has started to reflect a shift towards sustainable design. By incorporating materials that reduce waste and promote responsible production, designers are creating pieces that are not only beautiful, but also sustainable for the future. So next time you’re in the market for a new piece of furniture, consider the impact of eco-friendly materials and do your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

Uncovering color trends and how they shape contemporary designs

As we dive into the world of design and explore the ever-evolving trends that take center stage, we can undoubtedly see the impact of color. From the muted earth tones of the 70s to the bold neons of the 80s, color trends have the power to shape how we perceive and interact with designs. Today, designers are constantly on the lookout for the latest color trends to incorporate into their work, whether it be for fashion, graphic design, or interior design. These trends dictate what hues will be the most desirable for consumers, ultimately influencing the products we buy and the spaces we inhabit. Uncovering and understanding these color trends is crucial to staying relevant in the contemporary design world.

Taking into consideration all of the various furniture trends we explored in this post, it is clear that there are endless possibilities when designing a home with modern furniture. Whether you decide to go with a Scandinavian theme or prefer to stay traditional in classic wood pieces, its important to remember that statement pieces can be used to complete any design no matter how small or large the space. 2021 looks like an exciting year for furniture design and we can’t wait to break out our tape measures and start experimenting with new designs that will complement current trends! If you’re looking for a furnishing upgrade this year, now is the perfect time to get started. Ready for a refresh? Let us help: Transform your space today!

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