A brief guide to solar battery storage for UK businesses


Solar battery storage for businesses

The government’s green targets may have been relaxed, but for many businesses, reducing their carbon footprint remains important. Solar panels are a great way to enjoy renewable energy during the day, but with solar battery storage too, it’s possible to further improve energy efficiency and reduce bills. Here’s a brief guide to everything you need to know about solar batteries.

What are solar batteries?

Solar batteries can be installed as part of your solar PV system, and store excess energy produced by your solar panels. This can then be used after the sun goes down, thereby reducing your reliance on grid energy. Alternatively, it can be sold back to the grid for a small profit.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar batteries are connected to your solar PV system and inverter. When your solar panels are producing more energy than your business needs, the excess is stored in the battery ready to be converted back into usable power when required.

Benefits of solar battery storage

Asking your solar PV installers to include a solar battery in your setup has many benefits. These include:

  • Greater energy independence: Installing a solar battery enables business owners to reduce their reliance on electricity produced by the grid.
  • Cost savings: A reduced reliance on the grid means your business is less affected by the fluctuations in energy costs, which are influenced by a range of factors outside your control. As such you will save money when prices rise because you’ll be using more electricity generated from a renewable and free source.
  • Environmental impact: Businesses looking to reduce their emissions will be using more power from a clean source, limiting their need for grid-produced power. This helps them meet green targets or attain B Corp status.
  • Backup power: If your business premises are often impacted by power cuts, your solar PV specialist can configure your system so that outages don’t affect you. Adjustments can be made to the set up to ensure you continue to get power to essential equipment.

How much does solar battery storage cost?

The cost of solar battery storage depends on a variety of factors such as the brand of the battery, its capacity, installation requirements and where your business is based. A solar PV specialist in Kent, for example, can install a standard 7kWh battery for between £3,500 and £5,000. Your business may be able to access tax relief for the cost, making the investment even more worthwhile.

Choosing a reputable solar battery installer

When choosing a solar PV installer, it’s crucial to look for MCS certification. This industry-led quality assurance scheme means you can be certain your provider is fully trained and will complete the job to a high standard. It also means you’ll have access to ongoing maintenance.


Solar battery storage offers multiple benefits to UK businesses, enabling them to cut carbon emissions, save money and implement a means of backup power. By choosing an MCS-certified installer, companies can ensure they have a quality system and expert support.

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